What Brings Ruin

What Brings Ruin

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Russellville, Alabama, United States


Noise, Black metal, Blackened noise, Raw black metal, Lofi black metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Proven Existence, Shekinah, Goatscorge, Brainkrusher, Mindgames

Current members:

Nocturnal Servant

What Brings Ruin is a lo-fi raw black metal and noise project based out of Russellville, Alabama in the United States. The project was formed by rising black metal force Nocturnal Servant, who formed several projects of Proven Existence, Goatscorge, Shekinah, and Brainkrusher.

History Edit

What Brings Ruin was formed in 2018, however, did not debut until 2019, with their debut single, "Drinking the Blood of the Anti-Christ". The band would also release a demo, simply titled demo.[1] The band was previously on hiatus, due to Nocturnal Servant needing to address spiritual issues in his personal life.[2] However, following his hiatus, the label released the band's newest EP, Serpentcrusher.[3] In 2020, the band released their demo, Nocturnal Frozen Shores of the Damnable Abyss.[4] The band is currently active and is working on a full-length 10 track non-demo album titled Murdering Saints in the Name of God.

Members Edit

Discography Edit


  • "Drinking the Blood of the Anti-Christ" (2019)


  • demo (2019)
  • Serpentcrusher (2019)
  • Nocturnal Frozen Shores of the Damnable Abyss (2020)

Studio albums

  • Murdering Saints in the Name of God (2020)


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