Warlord band

Portland, Oregon, United States


Doom metal, Hardcore punk, Doomcore, Sludge metal

Years active:

1997-1999, 2015

Associated Acts:

Catechuman, Pilgrims, AAPOAA, Mr. Bishop's Fist, Roadside Monument, Fuse of Ire

Former members:

Ricky Rodgers
Phil Smith
Brian Fletcher
Tim Henderson

Live members:

Jonathan Ford

Warlord was a doomcore band based out of Portland, Oregon in the United States. The band formed in 1997, following the disbanding of Catechuman, a project formed from members of Fuse of Ire and Mr. Bishop's Fist. In 1999, the band disbanded, as the members were beginning to raise their families.

History Edit

Warlord formed in 1997, following the disbanding of a project called Catechuman. Before Catechuman, however, the band members were known for projects Mr. Bishop's Fist and Fuse of Ire. Catechuman was planning on continuing and were moving to Oregon. Nathan, the band's vocalist, was on his way, but his car broke down, while Jonathan Ford, the band's bassist, was offered the opportunity to stay with the members of Roadside Monument. Ricky Rodgers and Timothy Henderson were the last two remaining members of the band and performed one final show with the band, under the comedic name of The Kentuckymen.[1]

The two decided to form the new project, hiring Brian Fletchner on as Guitarist and Backing Vocalist and added Jonathan Ford to record Bass and Guest Vocals for the band's debut self-titled release. The band was originally supposed to record and release a 7", following their signing to Solid State Records, being one of their first acts, alongside Strongarm and Living Sacrifice.[1][2] However, the band got over-ambitious and recorded what became a four-song 26 minute EP, rather and than a two-song 8-minute 7".[1][3]

Following the EP's release, Phil Smith joined the band on Bass.[2] In 1998, Fletchner departed from the band, following the band's national tour with Training For Utopia.[2] However, instead of replacing him, the band continued on with the lineup they had. The band recorded a new album, titled Rock the Foe Hammer. The album came out through Solid State Records with 12 tracks on the album. Another was recorded, however, it was not released with the album, for unknown reasons.[1] Following the release, the band disbanded, as they were starting their families.[1]

In 2015, the band recorded a new track, to help with Henderson's medical disease, which is believed to be fibromyalgia. The track, titled "Set Sail To The Kingdom!", was released in 2017, through We Bear The Scars, which was released by Veritas Vinyl. There was set to be a song that was not released on Rock the Foe Hammer on the compilation, however, due to complications, the track was not on the listing.[1][4] The track was featured alongside Living Sacrifice, Deathbed Atheist, Death Therapy and Maranatha.[4]

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup

  • Ricky Rodgers - Vocals, Lead Guitars (1997-1999, 2015)
  • Phil Smith - Bass (1997-1999, 2015)
  • Timothy Henderson - Drums (1997-1999, 2015)


  • Brian Fletchner - Rhythm Guitars (1997-1998)


  • Jonathan Ford - Bass (1997)


Discography Edit

Studio album

  • Rock the Foe Hammer (1999)


  • Warlord (1997)


  • "Set Sail to the Kingdom" (2015)

Compilation appearances

  • "The Quest" - 4th Anniversary Box Set (1997)
  • "The Quest" - Songs From the Penalty Box (1997)
  • "A Knife in the Dark" - This Is Solid State Vol. One (1999)
  • "Internal Combustion" - 10 Anniversary Box Set (2003)
  • "Set Sail to the Kingdom" - We Bear the Scars (2017)

References Edit

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