You may be looking for the band's other name.
You may be looking for the band's other name.
Vengeance Rising
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Los Angeles, California, United States


Thrash metal, Death metal, Extreme metal

Years active:

1985-1992, 2017-2018

Associated Acts:

Prophet, Kantation, Wrathchild, Deliverance, Jupiter VI, Max Blam Jam, Sanctuary Celebration Band, Neon Cross, Die Happy, Once Dead, Final Decree, Heretic, Hirax, Primal, Steel Vengeance, Viking, Lambs Among Wolves, Emerald, S.A.L.T., Sircle of Silence, D.O.G., Mortification, The Blamed, The Slave Eye, Shades of Crimson, The Sacrificed, Worldview, Recon


Sacrifice (1985)
Vengeance (1985-1987)

Former Members:

Michael Betts
Glenn Rogers
Chris Hyde
Derek Sean
Johnny Vasquez
Roger Martinez
Doug Thieme
Larry Farkas
Roger Dale Martin
Glen Mancaruso
Jim Settle

Live Members:

George Ochoa
Daniel Cordova
Mike Wagel

Session Members:

Jimmy P. Brown II
Victor Macias
Jamie Mitchell

Vengeance Rising is a thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California in the United States. The band formed in 1985 as Sacrifice but changed their name to Vengeance the same year, until 1987. The band was formed by Doug Thieme and Roger Dale Martin. They would hire Larry Farkas soon after. The band is known for their amazing albums, as well as the controversy that followed in 1992 when Roger Martinez became an "Atheistic Satanist".

History[edit | edit source]

First Names and Original Lineups (1985-1987)[edit | edit source]

In 1985, the band began as Sacrifice, with the lineup of Doug Thieme (Guitars) and Roger Dale Martin (Bass). The band would then hire Drummer Steve Bertram. However, Bertram did not last in the band long and would be replaced by Michael "Mike" Betts of Neon Cross. The band's name would change their name to Vengeance, due to the already preexisting death metal band Sacrifice.[1]

After the name change, in 1986, the band hired Sharon to perform vocals. The band, now consisting on Sharon, Thieme, Betts, and Martin would perform for an additional year until they changed their name to Vengeance Rising, also hiring Larry Farkas on Lead Guitars (ex-Deliverance), Glen Mancaruso on Drums, and Glenn Rogers on Rhythm Guitars (Deliverance). Mancaruso agreed to perform drums temporarily until they were able to find and hire a new drummer.[2] Soon thereafter, they would hire Roger Martinez on Vocals and everything fell into place.[2]

Two weeks later, Rogers would depart from the band, after writing several songs structures.[2]

Human Sacrifice, Once Dead and instability (1987-1990)[edit | edit source]

The band, with the new lineup, signed to Intense Records. The band then recorded and released their debut album, Human Sacrifice. The band toured on the album with the lineup. The same year, the band would release a demo titled Vengeance. In 1989, the band was featured on a split album, featuring Sacred Warrior, Deliverance, Bloodgood, Shout and David Zaffiro. The album was released through Frontline Records.[3]

In 1990, the band released their sophomore album, titled Once Dead. The band members began to feel a disconnect with Martinez, as he would not tour with the band in the van. After the Once Dead Tour, the members met with Martinez and arranged a way for him to keep control of all debts that the band had, with Martinez agreeing to the terms.[2][4] The band members would, however, later on be accused by Martinez of thievery and leaving him to handle all of the band's debts.[2] These claims were not true.[2]

New Lineups and new albums (1991-1992)[edit | edit source]

In 1991, Martinez hired Lead Guitarist Derek Sean (ex-Mortification) and Drummer Chris Hyde (ex-Deliverance, ex-Holy Soldier) to perform on the new upcoming album, titled Destruction Comes. The album is generally considered to be a failing album, as the first two albums were considered the best.[5] However some fans appreciate it more than others.[6] The album also featured additional guitars and bass by Jimmy P. Brown II (Deliverance), Victor Macias (Tourniquet), and Jaime Mitchell (Scaterd Few).

After the album was released, Hyde and Sean departed from the band. Martinez only hired Johnny Vasquez officially for drums, while the rest of the musical section he filled with live musicians. Martinez and Vasquez recorded their newest album, Released Upon the Earth. The live band, consisting of Guitarists George Ochoa (Deliverance, ex-Recon) and Daniel Cordova (Shades of Crimson) as well as Michael "Mike" Wagel on Bass. After the album released, the band split up. The band released a compilation album titled Anthology.

Controversy with Roger Martinez (1997)[edit | edit source]

Roger Martinez had previously been apart of the Pentecostal Foursquare Church and was baptized there.[7][8] He eventually joined a church near Hollywood, where he became a pastor. However, by the release of Released Upon the Earth, he had left his pastor position to perform music full-time.[7] While there, he began looking into faith healing, which found to be fraud.[8] In the mid 1990s, Martinez departed from the Christian faith, telling HM Magazine he was a committed atheist in 1997.[7][8] There was some speculation that he was never a Christian and he just put on a performance. According to friends of Martinez, Scott Waters (Ultimatum) and Steve Rowe (Mortification), Martinez began to record music that counteracted his Christian career. Martinez then began making death threats towards individuals he claimed "stabbed him in the back", including Steve Rowe, whose band, Mortification, Martinez assisted in getting a record contract.

At this point, he began working on a non-Christian album under the name Vengeance Rising, however, with much luck the venture never saw the light of day and Martinez disappeared for a brief time. The band at the time had several musicians formerly of the Christian metal scene, who had lost their faith.

Potential Reunion with former band members (2004)[edit | edit source]

In 2004, the founding members, Thieme and Martin, alongside Farkas and Mancaruso reformed the band with Ultimatum vocalist Scott Waters to play a reunion show at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California.[9][10] However, since the band gave Martinez the rights to the debts, he claimed that he owned the name of the band as well. He threatened to sue the band so the concert could not happen.[11] The band changed their name to Once Dead, so they could play the show.[12] The band became it's own project, rather than continued on the Vengeance name and legacy.[12]

Reunion (2017-2018)[edit | edit source]

In 2017, the band, with the help of Roxx Records, re-released Human Sacrifice on vinyl for it's 30th anniversary. On August 9, 2017, it was reported that Vengeance Rising would reunite at the So Cal Metal Fest 2, with the original lineup of Thieme, Martin, Farkas and Macarsuo, with Jim Settle of Hand of Fire performing vocals for the show.[13] The band performed the show with no incident. The band is currently signed to unspecified label and is working on new music. Despite being known as Vengeance Rising, the band is changing their name to something else.[2] The band returned to the moniker of Once Dead, with the change of Roger Sampson of Precious Death on Drums.

Members[edit | edit source]

Last Lineup

Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Jim Settle Vocals 2017-2018 Hand of Fire, Tantrum of the Muse, Bore, Intercessor, Slag, Cadence of Chaos, Once Dead, Demon Dead
Larry Farkas Lead Guitars 1987-1990, 2017-2018 D.O.G., Neon Cross, Die Happy, Once Dead, Sircle of Silence, Deliverance, Holy Soldier, S.A.L.T., Sanctuary Celebration Band, Bloodgood
Doug Thieme Rhythm Guitars 1985-1990, 2017-2018 Once Dead, Die Happy, Sanctuary Celebration Band
Roger Dale Martin Bass 1985-1990, 2017-2018 Die Happy, Once Dead, Emerald, Sanctuary Celebration Band, Holy Right, Triple Ace, Pond Scum
Glen Mancaruso Drums 1987-1990, 2017-2018 Die Happy, Once Dead, S.A.L.T., Sanctuary Celebration Band


Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Sharon Vocals 1986
Roger Martinez Vocals (1987-1992), Rhythm Guitars, Bass (1990-1992) 1987-1992 Prophet
Derek Sean Lead Guitars 1991 Mortification
Glenn Rogers Rhythm Guitars 1986 Deliverance, Primal, Lambs Among Wolves, Once Dead, Viking, Final Decree, Heretic, Hirax, Max Blam Jam, Steel Vengeance
Steve Bertram Drums 1985
Michael Betts Drums 1985-1987 Neon Cross
Chris Hyde (Deceased 2015) Drums 1991 Deliverance, Holy Soldier
Johnny Vasquez Drums 1990-1992 Mortification, The Blamed, Time Spent Burning


Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Jamie Mitchell Lead Guitar 1991 Scaterd Few
Jimmy P. "Simon Dawg" Brown II Rhythm Guitars 1991 Deliverance, Jupiter VI, Eraserhead, Cauldron of Puke, Sombrance, Fearful Symmetry
Victor "Joe Monsorb'nik" Macias Bass 1991 Tourniquet, Ossuary, 2050, 2050Bells


Instruments Years Active Other Projects
George Ochoa Guitars 1992 Worldview, Mortification, Recon, S.A.L.T., Deliverance, Prophet, DeRoque
Daniel Cordova Guitars 1992 The Slave Eye, Lambs Among Wolves, The Sacrificed, Driver, Shades of Crimson, Final Decree, Heretic
Michael "Mike" Wagel Bass 1992

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Studio Albums

  • Human Sacrifice (1988)
  • Once Dead (1990)
  • Destruction Comes (1991)
  • Released Upon the Earth (1992)


  • Vengeance (1988)


  • Hot Metal Summer II (1989)


  • It's the Vengeance Rising (It's the Thought That Counts) (1991)


  • Anthology (1993)
  • Destruction Comes/Released Upon the Earth (1998)
  • Human Sacrifice/Once Dead (1998)

References[edit | edit source]

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