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Hey, this is Metalworker14. I am the founder of the Christian Metal Wiki and I'm excited to share the word of Jesus with anyone willing to listen. And share some awesome bands with new people!

History Edit

I founded the Christian Metal Wiki on March 25, 2018, as a way for people to check out new bands. I hope everyone is interested in checking this out and that more people will help contribute.

About Me Edit

I do a lot in the scene. But I'll do an autobiography some other time. Instead, I'll do the first five bands to get me into Christian metal really and some of my favorite bands now!

First Five

Current Favorites

Not to say that I don't still love those first five bands, because I do, but I have since grown in different styles as well. So much amazing metal out there. I've gotten deep into the stuff. All the way from metalcore to black metal to death metal to progressive metal to even some grindcore and noise. I thoroughly recommend you check out some of the bands on this page. Even if you aren't a Christian. Good music is good music.

God bless!

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