Unblack Metal Fist
Unblack Metal Fist

Wisconsin, United States
Missouri, United States
Texas, United States


Black metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Frost Like Ashes, Absalom, Possession, Old Man Frost, Ecthirion, Heirborne, Ascending King, Symphony of Heaven, Thief on the Cross, World Funeral, Dryline

Current members:

Nyk Edinger
Michael Larson
Aaron Kirby

Unblack Metal Fist is a black metal supergroup project formed out of the United States, namely Wisconsin and Missouri. The project was created by Nyk "Unronimus" Edinger on Vocals and Michael "Undead" Larson on Guitars. The two aliases used are likely references to the aliases of Mayhem members, "Euronymous" and "Dead".

History Edit

Unblack Metal Fist began in 2008 between Michael "Undead" Larson on Guitars and Nyk "Uronimus" Edinger on Vocals. The project was set to be featured on a compilation put out by Sullen Records, however, it is unknown if it was released.[1] The two recorded their debut EP, titled Unepoch, which was released independently in 2011.[2] The two seemed to put the project on hiatus soon thereafter but were slowly working on a new album, titled Fear the Fist.[3]

The band signed to Nosral Recordings in early 2019, Larson's label, and re-released the EP.[2] Following the EP's release, the band added on Aaron "Unscum" Kirby on Bass and the three recorded a new song, titled "Ununtruth".[4]

Members Edit


  • Nyk "Unronimus" Edinger - Vocals (2011-present)
  • Michael "Undead" Larson - Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming (2011-present)
  • Aaron "Unscum" Kirby - Bass (2019-present)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Fear the Fist (unreleased)


  • Unepoch (2011)


  • "Ununtruth" (2019)

References Edit

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