Timoratus Live

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


Black metal, Death metal, Grindcore, Doom metal, Industrial metal, Progressive metal, Drone metal, Blackgaze

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Weapons of Indignation, Symphony of Heaven, Bismoth, Be Not Betrayed, Mystic Winter, Dead Human Prophecies, The Abrasive Realization, The Shadows Devour, Resign From Humanity, Uriah, Ithiel, Unbegotten, Begotten Plagues, Raszagol

Current members:

David Napier
Courtney Napier

TIMŌRĀTUS is a multi-genre metal band that originated in 2006 out of Louisville, Kentucky in the United States as a solo project of David Napier's. The band has released eight EPs, three singles, a full-length album, a collaboration EP, and a compilation, primarily released independently with Christian Metal Underground Records' support for their full-length.[1]

The band has since added on Courtney Napier, David's wife, as a Vocalist and Keyboardist and an official member. The band announced they would be performing live at Audiofeed Festival 2019, with Logan Thompson (Symphony of Heaven, Dead Human Prophecies, The Abrasive Realization) on Guitars, Jethro de Beer (Bismoth, Be Not Betrayed) on Bass, and Mason Beard (Symphony of Heaven, Mystic Winter) on Drums.[1]

Influences and styleEdit

Timōrātus is a peculiar band as far as style; the band has produced several releases, each with several different genres that were focused on.[2] The releases have covered the genres of black metal,[3] death metal,[4] grindcore,[5] doom metal,[6] drone metal,[7] [8] post-metal[9] and blackgaze.[2]

The band, having several different styles, have several different influences per style. However, the foundation of the project, is Extol. Other influences include Sunn O))), Jesu and Genghis Tron.[2] On the band's latest EP, Genghis Tron, Rolo Tomassi and Arsonists Get All the Girls influenced the release.[2]

Members Edit


  • David Napier - Vocals, All instruments (2006-present)
  • Courtney Napier - Vocals (2017-present)


  • Logan Thompson - Guitars (2019-present)
  • Mason Beard - Drums (2019-present)
  • Jethro de Beer - Bass (2019)


  • Benjamin Steven Dohrmann - Vocals (2017)
  • Amy Austin - Vocals (2017)
  • Carman Hammond - Vocals (2017)
  • Bryan Powell - Vocals (2017)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Reverentia (2017)


  • Afraid of the Life (2006)
  • Signs & Places (2009)
  • Black (2014)
  • Death (2014)
  • Doom (2015)
  • Grind (2015)
  • 7 Deadly Sins (2018)
  • For We Are Not Beasts (2018)


  • Compass (2017; w/ Weapons of Indignation)


  • 4-Way Grind Split (2018; w/ Abandoned Mortuary, Wise As Serpents, & Eternal After Death)
  • Body of Christ (2019; Symphony of Heaven & Bismoth)


  • The Great Mortality (2018)


  • "My Starshine" (2015)
  • "Christmas Present Crisis (David's Conundrum)" (2017)
  • "Screen Attack" (2018)
  • "Christmas Present Conundrum (Courtney's Crisis)" (2018)

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