Thy Pain

Thy Pain

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Little Rock, Arkansas, Untied States


Death metal, Melodic death metal, Thrash metal

Years active:


  • Clenchedfist Records
  • Deadsun Records
  • Neoblast Records (Affiliated)
  • SOD Records (Affiliated)
  • Metallian Editions (Affiliated)
Associated Acts:

Soul Embraced, Living Sacrifice, The Burning, Project 86, Kill System, Chalice, Believer

Former members:

Rocky Gray
David Sroczynski

Thy Pain was a Melodic death metal project that formed in 2001 out of the Little Rock, Arkansas suburb of Jacksonville in the United States.[1] The band was originally signed with Clenched Fist Records and released their debut EP, More Than Suffering, in 2001. In 2003, the band disbanded, without an announcement. The EP was also re-released through Extreme Souls Productions and Deadsun Records. The band had comparisons to Testament and Death.[2]

Members Edit

  • Rocky "Damien McNeil" Gray - Guitars, Vocals (2001-2003)
  • David Sroczynski - Drums

Discography Edit


  • More Than Suffering (2001)

Compilation appearances[3]

  • Blood in the Water (2002)
  • Metallian Sampler N°26 (2002)
  • Neoblast Compilation 3 - Blast from the Underworld (2003)

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