The Shadows Devour
The Shadows Devour

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Coatesville, Indiana, United States


Doom metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Within the Torn Apart, In Emptiness, The Abrasive Realization, The Mourning Dimension, Dead Human Prophecies, Ethereal Noise Dimension, Mystic Winter, Symphony of Heaven, Uriah, Timōrātus, Haloed Patriots, Leper, Thief on the Cross, Grave Robber, Timeless Static Void, Somber Gravity, Insomnia Mind Collapse, Reality Collapsed, Reality Has Collapsed, Crust, Shadows Over Paranor, CBFDIB, Usurper


Resign From Humanity (2019-present)

Current members:

Dave Coats
Mason Beard
Skot Shaw

Former members:

Solomon Kane
Eric Campbell
Grant Butler
Dick Nickerson
Mike Mitchell

The Shadows Devour was a doom metal project that originated out of Broken Arrow, Dallas, and Coatesville in Oklahoma, Texas, and Indiana respectively. The band was started by David J. Coats on Bass and Ambience, Solomon Kane on Guitars, Eric Campbell on Vocals, and Mason Beard on Drums.

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup

  • Skot Shaw - Vocals, Keyboards (2019)
  • David J. "Napalm Dave" Coats - Bass, Ambience (2019)
  • Mason Beard - Drums (2019)


  • Eric Campbell - Vocals (2019)
  • Brandon "Solomon Kane" Fearn - Guitars (2019)
  • Grant Butler - Guitars (2019)
  • Dick Nickerson - Guitars (2019)
  • Mike Mitchell - 2nd Bass (2019)

Discography Edit


  • "They Crawl From the Dark" (2019)
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