You may be looking for the band with the same name.
You may be looking for the band with the same name.
The Remnant
The Remnant

Dacula, Georgia, United States


Death metal, Technical metal

Years active:

1999-2013 (indefinite hiatus)

Associated Acts:

Anchors, Five Iron Frenzy, Phinehas, Thaddeus, In This Hour, Dear Lovely, Solamors, Death Therapy, Aletheian, Synoptic Rise, Crutch, Broken Flesh, An Unearthly Child, Vangough, The Overseer, Wolves at the Gate, Project 86, '68, Pneuma


Nonexistent Failure (1999-2003)
Becoming the Archetype (2004-2013)

Former Members:

Jason Wisdom
Jon Star
Jacob Franklin
Sean Cunningham
Brent Duckett

The Remnant was a death metal band that originated in 1999, as Nonexistent Failure until 2003, when they changed their name. The band would then change their name to Becoming the Archetype in 2004.

History Edit

Nonexistent Failure (1999-2003) Edit

The band, originally under the name of Nonexistent Failure began with several members, two Vocalists, one of which was Jason Wisdom, Jon Star (Lead Guitars), Sean Cunningham (Rhythm Guitars), Wes Gaither (Bass) and Brent Duckett (Drums).[1]

The second vocalist departed before recording a demo, which saw Wisdom take over the duty as a whole. In 2001, the band recorded their debut demo, titled In Loving Memory of Everything... I Never Had, which came out the next year. Jacob Franklin joined the band as a third Guitarist in 2001.

Self-titled album (2003-2004) Edit

The band changed their name to The Remnant in 2003, after Gaither departed from the band. Wisdom, at this point, decided to take up the Bass, rather than find a new member. This left the lineup with Wisdom, Star, Cunningham, Franklin, and Duckett.[2]

In 2003, the band recorded a demo, titled Death, Destruction and Mayhem. The demo had three tracks. Later, in 2004, The Remnant released their debut studio album, which was self-titled. The album featured 10 tracks, one of which was apart of Nonexistent Failure's demo.[2]

Becoming the Archetype (2005-2013) Edit

The band changed their name to Becoming the Archetype,[3] which saw lineup changes almost every release. With the new name, the band released five albums and became very popular with a technical death metal style. In 2013, the band went into an indefinite hiatus. The band members work on new material as often as they can, as they plan to release another album, however that may be several years.

Members Edit

  • Jason Wisdom - Bass, Vocals (2003-2004)
  • Jon Star - Lead Guitars (2003-2004)
  • Jacob Franklin - Rhythm Guitars (2003-2004)
  • Sean Cunningham - Rhythm Guitars (2003-2004)
  • Brent Duckett - Drums (2003-2004)

Discography Edit


  • Death, Destruction and Mayhem (2003)

Studio Album

  • The Remnant (2004)

References Edit

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