The Overseer
The Overseer

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States


Metalcore, Experimental rock, Mathcore

Years active:

2007-2015 (Hiatus)

Associated Acts:

Here I Come Falling, Wolves at the Gate, Project 86, Becoming the Archetype

Current members:

Anthony Rivera
Darren King
Bradley Riggs
Abishai Collingsworth

Former members:

Taylor Yokem

The Overseer are an experimental metalcore band that began out of Bentonville, Arkansas in the United States. The band formed in 2007. In 2012, the band signed with Solid State Records.[1] However, by 2015, the band seemingly embarked on a hiatus, with many of the band members moving on to different projects.

History Edit

The Overseer began in 2007 in Bentonville, Arkansas in the United States. The lineup originally consisted of Vocalist Taylor Yokem, Guitarists Darren King and Billiam, Bassist Bradley Riggs, and Drummer Abishai Collingsworth. However, by 2009, Yokem departed, with Anthony Rivera, formerly of Here I Come Falling, taking over on Vocals. The band recorded a single, titled "The Author / Separation" and released it independently in 2009.[2] In 2010, the band recorded and released The Overseer, their self-titled EP.[2] Billiam departed by 2012, and his position would be left unfilled, with King compensating for both Rhythm and Lead Guitars.

In 2012, the band signed with Solid State Records and released their single, "Secrets".[1][3] Following the single's release, the band recorded and released their debut album, We Search, We Dig. That year, the band embarked on a tour with War of Ages.[4] In 2014, the band recorded their sophomore album, Rest & Let Go, which came out through Solid State. However, in 2015, the band embarked on a hiatus. King and Collingsworth continued to record music, with the both of them going to record for Project 86 as official members, with Collingsworth also performing Drums for Wolves at the Gate.

Members Edit


  • Anthony Rivera - Vocals (2009-2015)
  • Darren King - Guitars (2007-2015)
  • Bradley Riggs - Bass (2007-2015)
  • Abishai Collingsworth - Drums (2007-2015)


  • Taylor Yokem - Vocals (2007-2009)
  • Billiam - Guitars (2007-2012)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • We Search, We Dig (2012)
  • Rest & Let Go (2014)


  • The Overseer (2010)


  • "The Author / Separation" (2009)
  • "Secrets" (2012)

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