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Rathdrum, Idaho, United States


Metalcore, Mathcore, Chaotic metalcore, Post-hardcore, Southern metal, Blues metal

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Solid State Records

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Current members:

Dawson Scholz
Andy Crateau
Ian Nelson
Cody Rhodes

Former members:

Dyllan Darrington
Kyle Scholz
Parker Scholz
TJ Nichols

The Ongoing Concept is a chaotic metalcore band based out of Rathdrum, Idaho in the United States. The band began in 2009 with three brothers, Kyle, Dawson and Parker Scholz ranging from the ages of 12-19.[1] Shortly after formation, the brothers hired on friends Dyllan Darrington and TJ Nichols. The band is signed to Solid State Records and has released two EPs and three studio albums.

History Edit

The Ongoing Concept began in 2009 with three brothers of Kyle, Dawson, and Parker Scholz on Vocals, Guitars/Vocals, and Drums respectively, between the ages of 12-19.[1] Following their formation, the three brothers hired their childhood friends Dyllan Darrington on Guitars and TJ Nichols on Bass. In 2010, the band recorded an EP titled What Is My Destiny, which was released independently. The EP was half an acoustic release and half metalcore release. The band followed up with another EP, titled Arrows Before Bullets, which took a heavier approach, following an electronicore style. Once the EP was released, Darrington departed from the band, with them continuing on as a four-piece. The band signed with Solid State Records in 2013 and then released their debut, Saloon.[2]

After the successful first album, the band decided to take it up a notch and create an album called Handmade, where they crafted their instruments, save for keyboards and microphones, out of a tree they chopped down.[3] However, following the album's release in 2015, by 2016, Kyle, Parker, and Nichols had departed from the band.[4] Dawson hired on longtime friend and videographer of many of the band's music videos Ian Nelson on Bass, Andy Crateau on Guitars, and Cody Rhodes on Drums.[4] With the new lineup, the band recorded their third release, titled Places, which took a departure from their past style, as it lost much of its youthful chaos and exhibited more of a somber style. Since the album's release, the band has been on a bit of a hiatus.

Members Edit


  • Dawson Scholz - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion (2009-present)
  • Andy Crateau - Guitars (2016-present)
  • Ian Nelson - Bass (2016-present)
  • Cody Rhodes - Drums (2016-present)


  • Kyle Scholz - Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion (2009-2016)
  • Dyllan Darrington - Guitars, Vocals (2009-2012)
  • TJ Nichols - Bass, Banjo (2009-2016)
  • Parker Scholz - Drums, Vocals (2009-2016)

Timeline Edit

Discography Edit


  • What Is My Destiny (2010)
  • Arrows Before Bullets (2011)

Studio albums

  • Saloon (2013)
  • Handmade (2015)
  • Places (2017)

References Edit

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