Cleveland, Georgia, United States


Metalcore, Deathcore

Years active:

2005-2011, 2011-2014

Associated Acts:

Becoming the Archetype

Former Members:

Chris McCane
Daniel Gailey
Brandon Thompson
Brushee Combs
Daniel Adams
Kyle Blackburn
Shelton Sellers

Thaddeus was a deathcore band that began in November 2005, out of Cleveland, Georgia in the United States. The band featured Daniel Gailey (Lead Guitars) and Chris McCane (Vocals), who would go on to join Becoming the Archetype.

History Edit

Thaddeus began practicing in November 2005, with the lineup of Chris McCane on Vocals, Daniel Gailey on Lead Guitars, Kyle Blackburn on Rhythm Guitars, Shelton Sellers on Bass and Daniel "DA" Adams on Drums. After their formation, the band released an self titled four-song EP.[1]

The band remained silent until around 2010, when the band published a Facebook page, which featured the band's new Bassist, Brandon Thompson, who joined around February 2010. On December 18, 2010, Kyle Blackburn departed from the band at a show at The Foundation Venue.[2] With the lineup of McCane, Gailey, Thompson, Adams and the band's new Rhythm Guitarist Brushee Combs, the band began recording a new EP, titled Valley of Dry Bones, which was released in 2011. Sean M. McCane mixed the album, while Caleb Cartledge designed the artwork. After the release, the band went on a hiatus of sorts. In 2013, the band returned and played a reunion show in 2014.

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup

  • Chris McCane - Vocals (2005-2011, 2011-2014)
  • Daniel Gailey - Lead Guitars (2005-2011, 2011-2014)
  • Brushee Combs - Rhythm Guitars (2010-2014)
  • Brandon Thompson - Bass (2010-2011, 2011-2014)
  • Daniel "DA" Adams - Drums (2005-2011, 2011-2014)

Former Members

  • Kyle Blackburn - Rhythm Guitars (2005-2010)
  • Shelton Sellers - Bass (2005-2010)

Timeline Edit

Discography Edit


  • Thaddeus EP (2005)
  • Valley of Dry Bones (2011)

References Edit

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