South Florida, United States


Hardcore punk, Straight edge hardcore, Metalcore

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Strongarm, Endure, Shai Hulud, New Found Glory, LOAD, Kenny Steel, Where Fear and Weapons Meet



Former Members:

Mikey Hurley
Joe Keit
Chris Michaelis
Nick Dominguez
Ray Rodriguez
Eric Leon
Mike McDermit
Matt Fox
Ray Souza
Chad Gilbert
Kenny Fontaine
John Wylie

Tension was a Hardcore punk band that formed out of South Florida in the United States. The band began in 1993 with the lineup of Mikey Hurley on Vocals, Joe Keit on Guitars, Nick Dominguez on Bass and Chris Michaelis on Drums.[1]

History Edit

Origins and Ending (1993-1997) Edit

In 1993, Vocalist Mikey Hurley formed Tension, as a side-project of Endure, a Christian hardcore band he was also apart of.[1] Hurley hired Joe Keit (The Murrychesstoes) on guitars and Chris Michaelis on drums.[2] Soon thereafter, Nick Dominguez of Endure joined the band on bass. This finalized their first official lineup. The band called each other one the phone, demoed out six songs and recorded them two weeks later in the studio. The release, In Our Time, came out shortly thereafter.[2]

After the release, Nick Dominguez departed from Tension and Endure, to join fellow Christian hardcore band Strongarm[3] and was then replaced by Ray Rodriguez.[2] After Rodriguez joined, the band released The Sickness of our Age EP in 1994, which is considered their best release.[2][4] Michaelis departed from the band after the release, where he would be replaced by Eric Leon. Around this time, the band hit their peak. In 1995, the band went on tour with Uplipht and Strongarm, and played around 25-30 shows.[5]

Leon was soon thereafter asked to leave for reason unmentionable, and was replaced by Mike McDermit. He performed on the band's debut and single album, Agent of the People, which came out in 1996. The album was released through Uprising Records, which the band signed to prior to release. The label also re-released Sickness of our Age.[2]

Legacy and Mikey Hurley's death (2017-present) Edit

Tension is looked at as legendary or a classic in the Florida hardcore scene.[4][6][7] The band has also had various connections with several other well-known Florida bands, including New Found Glory, Endure, Strongarm, Shai Hulud and Further Seems Forever.[8] The band had many short-term members, which many of which were very notable, including Matt Fox (Shai Hulud), Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory), Ray Souza (LOAD), Kenny Fontaine (Kenny Steal) and John Wylie (Where Fear and Weapons Meet).[2] The band had played shows with Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Strife, Shelter and Marilyn Manson.[2][9]

In 2017, Mikey Hurley, the band's original and founding member, died on July 18, 2017, at the age of 45.[10] It was reportedly a suicide.[10] His death was mourned by his bandmates and his friends.[2][10]

Members Edit

Last Know Lineup

  • Michael "Mikey" Joseph Hurley II - Vocals (1993-1997) (died 2017)
  • Joe Keit - Guitars (1993-1997)
  • Ray Rodriguez - Bass (1993-1997), Guitars (1994)
  • Mike McDermit - Drums (1996-1997)

Former Members

  • John Wylie - Guitars
  • Nick Dominguez - Bass (1993)
  • Matt Fox - Bass (1993)[11]
  • Chris Michaelis - Drums (1993-1994)
  • Eric Leon - Drums (1994-1996)
  • Chad Gilbert
  • Ray Souza
  • Kenny Fontaine

Discography Edit

List of studio albums [12]
Year Title Label
1996 Agent of the People Uprising Records
List of EPs [12]
Year Title Label
1993 In Our Time First Street Records
1994 The Sickness of our Age Endless Fight Records
List of Compilation appearances [12]
Year Title Label
1994 SFSA: South Florida Slammie Awards Vol. 1 GJ Records
1994 "Stand Aside" on Identity?! Songs of Hatred Century Media
1995 "Stand Aside" on Ceremony of Fire Uprising
1995 "Greed" on Point Counterpoint Inside Front Records
1995 "Greed" on South Florida Comp Far Out Records
1995 "Unheard" on Over The Edge Compilation Vol. 2 Endless Fight
1995 "Stand Aside" on Stones to Mark a Fire Militant Records/Vegan Earth Order
1995 "Stand Aside" on Bloodlines - The Seeds of Rebellion Century Media
1996 "Greed" on Inside Front the Compact Disc Inside Front


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