Temple of Perdition
Temple of Perdition log

Finland, Europe
Texas, United States


Black metal, Death metal, Doom metal

Years active:

2017-2019, 2019-present

Associated Acts:

Antestor, Grave Declaration, Morgenroede, Vaakevandring, Sylvan Fortress, Renascent, Exousia, Amberdawn, Taking the Head of Goliath, Crimson Thorn, Vanishment, Designer Shiner, Mr. Scary, Piece of Tomorrow, Atticist, Losing Tomorrow, The Slave Eye, Angel of Sodom, Tond, Swan Messiah, Kether, Tenebrae Aeternum, Frozen Gate

Current members:

Ya'akov Nahash
Corey Sorrenti
Matthew McKenzie

Former members:

Joonas Heikkinen
Carlos Osanya
Shelby Brown
Steve Reishus
Luke Renno
Henna Ojala
Ronny Hansen

Temple of Perdition is a black metal project that originated out of Finland, Europe and Texas in the United States. The project was created by Ya'akov Nahash, a former Satanist. He would add on Benaiah on Vocals and Renascent Drummer Joonas Heikkinen.

History Edit

Temple of Perdition began in 2017, created out of Finland and Texas in the United States. The project was created by Ya'akov Nahash on Guitars, Bass, and Clean Vocals, Benaiah on Vocals, and Joonas Heikkinen of Renascent, The Slave Eye, and Angel of Sodom on Drums.[1] The band began writing and recording an album, releasing their debut demo independently in January 2018.[2]

However, the demo was quickly taken down as the band signed with Vision of God Records shortly thereafter and released the demo through the new label.[3] Following the release of the demo, the band was nominated for "Best New Extreme Metal Band of 2018" by Metal Mofos.[4] With the new addition of Bassist Corey Sorrenti - a former member of Vanishment - would record their debut album, which was titled Tetragrammaton. The album would also feature Rotting Christ's Vocalist Sakis Tolis, which would spark some controversy.[3][5][6]

On December 28, 2018, it was announced both Benaiah and Heikkinen would depart from the band, leaving only Nahash and Sorrenti.[7] However, at the beginning of 2019, the band added on Ronny Hansen of Antestor on Vocals, Luke Renno of Crimson Thorn on Vocals, Henna Ojala of Varda on Vocals, and Shelby Brown of Tond on Drums.[8] However, around a week later, on January 14, it was announced Brown would no longer continue with the band, with Steve Reishus of Crimson Thorn taking over.[9] The band recorded a new EP, titled Homage to the Dead.[10] On June 3, 2019, the band announced they would disband.[11]

However, a little over two months later, the band reunited, announcing their sophomore album, Inheritance of Lies.[12] The band would part ways with their label, due to the band no longer considering themselves religious.[10] Reishus, Ojala, and Renno would all depart from the band due to the controversy in project's change of views - primarily the founder, Nahash.[10] At the end of 2019, Hansen would be replaced by Erebos of Tenebrae Aeternum, with Matthew McKenzie joining the band on Guitars.

Members Edit


  • Erebos - Unclean Vocals (2019-present)
  • Ya'akov Nahash - Clean Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2017-2019, 2019-present), Bass (2017-2018)
  • Matthew McKenzie - Guitars, Clean Vocals (2019-present)
  • Corey Sorrenti - Bass (2018-2019, 2019-present)


  • Benaiah - Unclean Vocals (2017-2018)
  • Luke Renno - Unclean Vocals (2019)
  • Ronny Hansen - Unclean Vocals (2019)
  • Henna Ojala - Female Vocals (2019)
  • Carlos Osnaya - Guitars (2018)
  • Joonas Heikkinen - Drums (2017-2018)
  • Shelby Brown - Drums (2019)
  • Steve Reishus - Drums (2019)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Tetragrammaton (2018)
  • Inheritance of Lies (TBA)


  • Demo (2018)


  • Homage to the Dead (2019)


  • "Adonai (Enochian Mix)" (2018)
  • "Ode to Yah" (2019)
  • "Wvil" (2019)

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