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Hardcore punk, Metalcore, Death metal, Indie rock, Noise rock, Art metal


United States


Birmingham, Alabama

Takehold Records was a record label that originated in 1997 out of Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. The label was founded by Chad Johnson out of a mailorder site called Slacker 77, with the label being run out of his garage. After a few years, the label gained much notoriety in the hardcore punk and indie rock scene. The label got distribution from Lumberjack Distribution.[1][2]

In 2002, Johnson went to join Tooth & Nail Records as A&R for the label and sold Takehold's stocks and contracts to Tooth & Nail.[3] Some of the bands did not agree to the deal, while others became extremely popular afterwards, most notably Underoath and Norma Jean, then known as Luti-Kriss.

History Edit

Takehold Records started in 1997 by Chad Johnson. He formed the label out of a mailorder store called Slacker 77 and ran it out his garage.[4] The label focused heavily on hardcore punk and indie rock, as well as death metal and metalcore. The label signed many bands, with the first release in the label being the hardcore band Withstand FTHC's album, The War Within.[4][5] The label followed up with indie rock band The Backups' album Five Long Years.[4][5]

Johnson hired three friends on as staff: Garrett Simpson, who worked as A&R, Kris McCaddon (ex-Embodyment), the Graphic Designer, and Ryan Arakawa, the Distro Coordinator.[1]

The label continued onward, signing Twothirtyeight, My Spacecoaster, and Sleeping by the Riverside. Recess Theory and Fable joined the label shortly afterward. In 1999, the label released death metal/metalcore band Underoath's debut album, titled Act of Depression.[6] The label also released an album by Through the Eyes of Katelyn, titled Your Role Model's Dead. The band was a project of Jesse Smith of the metalcore band Zao.[7]

In 2000, the label had signed Few Left Standing, Narcissus and Tantrum of the Muse and sent the three on tour, alongside Underoath. The tour was called 40 Days of Disaster, where they stayed at Slacker 77 during the run.[8] The three aforementioned bands all released two albums through the label, as did Underoath.

In 2001, the label put out their final releases; Narcissus' Becoming Leviathan, The Operation's There Is Hope For A Tree Cut Down, Few Left Standing's Wormwood, Stairwell's The Sounds of Change and Hopesfall's No Wings To Speak Of.[5] In 2002, Johnson sold the label to Tooth & Nail Records, after attaining huge debt.[3][9] While negotiating with Tooth & Nail, he contacted many of the bands and asked if they wanted to switch to T&N's current roster. This included Underoath, Twothirthyeight, Further Seems Forever, Luti-Kriss, Tantrum of the Muse and Narcissus. However, both Tantrum and Narcissus declined the offer.[10][11] Few Left Standing, however, supposedly did not give permission to give their material to T&N, yet the label re-released them through Solid State Records, the label's heavier sub-label. Johnson became the A&R for Tooth & Nail following the sale, signing and working with many acts on the label including Haste the Day, The Chariot, Trenches, Once Nothing and Showbread.[9]

Roster Edit

Staff Edit

  • Chad Johnson - A&R, Founder (1997-2002)[1]
  • Garrett Simpson - A&R, Street Team Manager[1]
  • Kris McCaddon - Graphic Design (ex-Embodyment, ex-The Famine, ex-Society's Finest, ex-Demon Hunter)[1]
  • Ryan Arakawa - Distribution Coordinator[1]

Discography Edit

Artist Release Catalog ID Date Format
Withstand FTHC The War Within THR101 1998 CD
The Backups Five Long Years THR1002 1998 CD
Twothirtyeight Missing You Dearly THR1003 1998 CD
My Spacecoaster My Spacecoaster THR1004 1998 CD
Sleeping by the Riverside Sleeping by the Riverside THR1005 1998 7"
Recess Theory They Would Walk Into the Picture THR1006 1999 CD
Fable Give Us the Night THR1007 1999 7"
Underoath Act of Depression THR1008 1999 CD
Through the Eyes of Katelyn Your Role Model's Dead THR1009 1999 CD
Chalice Deathmask Grin THR1010 1999 CD
Various Fools Rush In Where Angels Dare Not Tread THR1011 1999 CD
Sleeping by the Riverside/Carry the Dead Sleeping by the Riverside/Carry the Dead THR1012 1999 CD
Twothirtyeight Matter Has a Breaking Point THR1013 1999 CD
Further Seems Forever/Recess Theory From the 27th State THR1014 1999 CD
Few Left Standing Regeneration of Self THR1015 1999 CD
Tantrum of the Muse The Heart is a Two-Headed Sperm THR1016 1999 CD
Not Waving But Drowning If It's Too Cute...Set It On Fire THR1017 1999 CD
Tantrum of the Muse Modernmu$ick(2000)! THR1018 2000 CD
Underoath Cries of the Past THR1019 2000 CD
Narcissus Newwave Techno Homicide THR1020 2000 CD
Twothirtyeight Regulate the Chemicals THR1021 2000 CD, LP
Stairwell Pacific Standard Time THR1022 2000 CD
Narcissus Becoming Leviathan THR1023 2001 CD
The Operation There Is Hope For A Tree Cut Down THR1024 2001 CD
Few Left Standing Wormwood THR1025 2001 CD
Stairwell The Sounds of Change THR1026 2001 CD, Digital
Hopesfall No Wings To Speak Of THR1027 2001 CD

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