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Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada


Black metal, Blackened death metal, Death metal, Technical death metal

Years active:

1991-present (Indefinite Hiatus)

Associated Acts:

Mortification, Incursion, Ninth Sphere, Abolishment of Hate, Into Eternity

Current members:

Derek James-From
Jeff Lewis
Jim Austin

Sympathy are a technical blackened death metal band that originated out of Caronport, Saskatchewan in the country of Canada.[1] The band originated in 1991 as a five-piece but quickly shifted into a solo project of Derek James From, eventually releasing five studio albums, two demos, and an EP in that span.[1]

History Edit

Sympathy began as a five-piece in 1991, releasing a demo independently, influenced by Celtic Frost.[2] However, by 1995, the band members left, leaving Derek James From the sole member of the band.[1][2] With From as the sole member, he recorded the band's debut album, Arrogance and Ignorance, which he released that same year.[1] In 1995, the band released their sophomore album, Age of Darkness.[1] In 1996, the band released a demo, titled Realms of Chaos, independently.[1]

In 2001, Sympathy signed with Fear Dark Records, followed by recording his third album - and his first commercially viable release - Invocation.[3] In 2004, the band released their fourth album, Arcane Path, also through Fear Dark.[4] Tim Roth and Rob Doherty would feature on the album, as session members.[5] In 2005, an EP, titled Abyssal Throne was released, via a new label called Momentum Scandinavia.[6]

Jeff Lewis, formerly of Mortification, would join the band on Lead Guitars, while Jim Austin of Into Eternity took over the Drum mantle.[7] On February 19, 2008, the band officially signed with Bombworks Records.[8] The band's fourth album, Anagogic Tyranny, was released through their new label, on November 11, 2008.[9] By April 2009, the band announced they had a new album written - tentatively titled Beast - with 12 songs ready to record.[10]

Members Edit


  • Derek "Dharok" James From - Vocals, Guitars, Programming (1991-present)
  • Jeff Lewis - Guitars (2005-present)
  • Jim Austin - Drums (2005-present)


  • Four additional musicians (1991-1995)[2]


  • Tim Roth - Lead Guitars (2004-2005)
  • Rob Doherty - Lead Guitars (2004-2005) (RIP 2012)
  • Dustin Olson - Lead Guitars (2005)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Arrogance and Ignorance (1993)
  • Age of Darkness (1995)
  • Invocation (2002)
  • Arcane Path (2004)
  • Anagogic Tyranny (2008)


  • Covenant (1991)
  • Untitled (1992)
  • Realms of Chaos (1996)


  • Abyssal Throne (2005)

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