Stop the Bleeding

Stop the Bleeding

Stop the Bleeding Re-release

Stop the Bleeding Cassette


July 1, 1990


Powerhouse Studios
Mixing Lab A&B


Progressive metal, Thrash metal




Intense Records
Pathogenic Records (Re-release)
Vinyl Remains (Re-release)
Silent Music Records (Brazil)
Encore Records (Brazil)


Roger Martinez

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Stop the Bleeding

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Stop the Bleeding is the debut release of the progressive thrash metal band Tourniquet. The album was first released by Intense Records in 1990, however, several years later, Pathogenic Records, a label owned by Drummer Ted Kirkpatrick, purchase the rights to the album, re-releasing the album in 2001. In 2011, the album re-released later again.

Production Edit

The album was recorded as a trio lineup of the band, with Guy Ritter on Vocals, Gary Lenaire on Guitars and Vocals, and Ted Kirkpatrick on Drums and Vocals. The band also hired Mark Lewis on additional Guitars and Erik Jan James on additional Bass.[1]

The album was recorded at the Mixing Lab A&B with pre-production done at Powerhouse Studios. The tracks throughout the album featured rotating lead guitar roles, with Lenaire taking 8 songs, Lewis taking 6 songs and Kirkpatrick playing on 1. Several of the songs featured both Lenaire and Lewis, with Kirkpatrick joining in on the singular track.[1]

Critical Reception Edit

The album received mostly positive reviews, however not loved by all reviewers. Out of 5 reviews on Encyclopedia Metallum, the album received reviews from 70-94%. One of them stated "I highly recommend any fan that loves Christian metal, or even the die-hard thrasher who wants another excellent thrash album to purchase this album.", while another stated "This album is definitely worth finding for any Christians in search of good music. For secular "metalheads", if you want to simply look at this album for its musical qualities, you will not be disappointed.".[2]

Sputnik Music gave the album a rating of 4 out of 5, stating "it just rules really hard, wow! check it!".[3] Milan of Metal Reviews gave it a 85 out of 100, remarking "I can't compare it to any of their later albums because I haven't heard them but on its own Stop the Bleeding is worth checking out for any fan of thrash and speed metal that can get past the lyrical themes and the idea of listening to a Christian band."[4] simply gave the album a 2.5 out of 5, without writing a review.[5]

Tracklisting Edit

Number Name Time (Min:Sec) Composer
1/A1 The Test for Leprosy 4:39 Ted Kirkpatrick
2/A2 Ready or Not 3:31 Gary Lenaire, Guy Ritter
3/A3 Ark of Suffering 4:16 Ted Kirkpatrick
4/A4 Tears of Korah 6:20 Gary Lenaire
5/A5 The Threshing Floor 4:13 Guy Ritter
6/B1 You Get What You Pray For 3:23 Guy Ritter
7/B2 Swarming Spirits 3:24 Gary Lenaire
8/B3 Whitewashed Tomb 4:22 Ted Kirkpatrick
9/B4 Somnambulism 4:39 Ted Kirkpatrick
10/B5 Harlot Widow and the Virgin Bride 7:46 Gary Lenaire



  • Guy Ritter - Clean Vocals
  • Gary Lenaire - Guitars, Thrash Vocals, Lead Guitars (8 tracks), Bass (5 tracks)
  • Ted Kirkpatrick - Drums, Vocals, Bass (5 tracks), Lead Guitars (1 track)

Additional Musicians

  • Mark Lewis - Guitars, Lead Guitars (6 tracks)
  • Erik Jan James - Bass


  • Eric Kibbe - Assistant Engineer
  • Gordon Shumway - Engineer, Mixing
  • Roger Martinez - Producer


  • Ed McTaggart - Art Direction
  • Devino - Artwork [Visual Performance Art]
  • Jim Martin - Logo Design Concept
  • Ken Taufer - Illustration
  • Joe Potter - Layout
  • Jim Muth - Photography
  • Cherie Sunn - Hair Stylist
  • Charmaine Ellison - Hair Stylist
  • Lisa Meloeny - Hair Stylist

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