Victoria, Australia


Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Instrumental

Years active:

1999-2007 (Hiatus)

Associated Acts:

Altera Enigma, Kekal, Revulsed, Horde, Lightforce, Paramaecium, Deliverance, Mortification, Teramaze, Fearscape, Beheadoth, Ninth Sphere, InExordium, Generator, Where Shadows Lie, Until We Collide, The Need, Black Live Vengeance, Vanishing Point, Teargas

Current members:

Jason De Ron
Kenny Cheong
Jayson Sherlock

Former members:

Steve Cox
Janelle Kitchen

Soundscape are an instrumental progressive metal and rock act based out of Victoria, Australia. The project was created by Jason De Ron, formerly of Paramaecium. He would add on Guitarist Kenny Cheong of Kekal and Drummer Jayson Sherlock of Horde. Janelle Kitchen was hired on Keyboards and Steve Cox of Vanishing Point was put on Bass.[1]

History Edit

Soundscape was formed by Jason De Ron, formerly of Paramaecium, in 1999.[1] He would add on his former bandmate Jayson Sherlock, who also worked in Horde and Mortification, Kenny Cheong of Kekal, Steve Cox of Vanishing Point, and Janelle Kitchen.[1] After being a band for so long, the project would eventually release their debut EP in 2007, however, only with the lineup of De Ron, Sherlock, and Cheong.[2]

Members Edit


  • Jason De Ron - Guitars (1999-present)
  • Kenny Cheong - Bass, Keyboards (1999-present)
  • Jayson Sherlock - Drums (1999-present)


  • Steve Cox - Bass (1999-2006)
  • Janelle Kitchen - Keyboards (1999-2006)

Discography Edit


  • Soundscape (2007)

References Edit

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