Philadelphia and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Dacula, Georgia


Death metal, Progressive metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Becoming the Archetype, Aletheian, Crutch, Synoptic Rise, Mid Evil, The Satire, The Remnant, Death Therapy, Nonexistent Failure

Current Members:

Jason Wisdom
Alex Kenis
Travis Turner

Solamors is a Progressive death metal project that began in 2012. The project was recorded in different places, as the members all lived in different places, with Guitarist/Bassist Alex Kenis living in Philadelphia, PA, Drummer Travis Turner living in Bethlehem, PA, and Vocalist Jason Wisdom living in Dacula, Georgia.

History Edit

Solamors was formed in 2012. Alex Kenis was looking to start a progressive death metal project. Kenis, who's musical history includes technical death metal band, Aletheian. and progressive death metal band, Becoming the Archetype, decided to contact some of his former band-mates.

He first contacted Travis Turner, the former Drummer for Aletheian and Crutch, which the band was originally known as. Following Turner joining the band, Kenis contacted Jason Wisdom, former Vocalist/Bassist for Becoming the Archetype.

Wisdom had to consider the position, following his departure from BTA to be with his family.[1] Ultimately, he decided to join. The three then began to work on recording music, with each of them recording progress videos.[2][3][4]

The project was mixed by Kenis, with their eponymous and so far standalone record, titled Depravity's Demise, being released in December 2013. The project has been on a hiatus of sorts since 2016, but Kenis has stated that he may work on new material for the project.[5]

Members Edit

  • Jason Wisdom - Vocals
  • Alex Kenis - Guitars, Bass
  • Travis Turner - Drums

Discography Edit

  • Depravity's Demise (2013)

References Edit

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