You may be looking for the band's other name.
You may be looking for the band's other name.
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Los Angeles, California, United States


Thrash metal, Power metal

Years active:

1985-1992, 2017-present

Associated Acts:

Die Happy, Once Dead, Neon Cross, Sanctuary Celebration Band, Emerald, Triple Ace, Pond Scum


Vengeance (1985-1987)
Vengeance Rising
(1987-1992, 2017-present)

Former Members:

Doug Thieme
Roger Dale Martin
Michael Betts
Steve Bertram

Sacrifice was a thrash metal band that began in 1985. The band would become Vengeance and later Vengeance Rising. The band remained as Sacrifice in 1985, until he changed their name to Vengeance.[1]

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup


  • Steve Bertram - Drums (1985)

References Edit

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