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Shawn Browning


Extreme metal, Punk rock, Thrash metal, Death metal, Deathcore, Hardcore punk, Metalcore

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United States


Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Rottweiler Records is an American record label based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States. The label features many bands of different genres, however, mainly focusing on extreme metal and punk rock. The bands include Lust Control,[1] Soul Embraced,[2] and Pantokrator.[3] The label was created by Shawn Browning, also known as Wretched from Grave Robber.[4]

Current Artists Edit

Former Artists Edit

Active Edit

Disbanded and Inactive Edit

Affiliated Acts Edit

Active Edit

  • 23noEvil
  • Among the Wolves
  • Anschuluss Amor
  • The Ben Aldrich Project
  • Jordan Biel
  • Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band
  • Aaron Bushong
  • Tim Bushong
  • Children of Wrath
  • Christian Metalhead Brotherhood
  • Brian Dale
  • Derek Close
  • Deborah
  • Desiring Dead Flesh
  • Chris Dickens
  • Exalted Dirt
  • False Idol
  • Heath And the Checker Shoe Band
  • In Darkest Dreams
  • InDeath:Alive
  • Iron Sharpens Iron
  • KL/Bridgeshadows
  • Leper
  • Paul Mayo
  • Must Build Jacuzzi
  • The Old Timers
  • Parental Petulance
  • Pelennor Fields
  • Josh Perkins
  • Peter118
  • Reserction
  • Relesser
  • Shadow Puncher
  • Shiro
  • Their Throats Are Open Tombs
  • They Act Human
  • Timōrātus
  • True Liberty

Disbanded Edit

  • All the Departed
  • Better Promises
  • Blissed
  • Timmy Bush and the Axe-Casters
  • Confession of a Sinner
  • Coriolis
  • Cyro-Mancer
  • Einstein Savage
  • Goodnight Wednesday
  • Our Corpse Destroyed
  • Rackets & Drapes
  • Resistance Movement
  • Marty Warren

Staff Edit

  • Shawn Browning - Founder, A&R (2010-present)

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