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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Death metal, Brutal death metal

Years active:


  • Permeated Records
Associated Acts:

Mortification, Paramaecium, Deliverance, InExordium, Fearscape, Teramaze, Horde, Beheadoth, Altera Enigma, Soundscape, Ninth Sphere, Lightforce, Those Who Endure, Metanoia, Incarnate, Unforsaken, Generator, Where Shadows Lie, Incursion, Despondency, Resection, Gallery of Darkness, Defeated Sanity, Funeral Possession, Precognitive Holocaust Annotations, Suffocate Bastard, Lethality

Current members:

Jayson Sherlock
Sheldon D'Costa
Mark Smith
Damien Mirklis

Former members:

Peter Ball
Konstantin Lühring

Revulsed is a brutal death metal band that originated out of Melbourne, Victoria out of the continent of Australia. The band began in 2010 between Jayson Sherlock and Sheldon D'Costa, who both had previously perform with InExordium.


During the middle of InExordium's career, Jayson Sherlock and Sheldon D'Costa formed Revulsed, in 2010. Over the course of five years, the band wrote their debut album, alongside Justin "Yowie" Smith, formerly of fellow Australian band Metanoia, while still searching for a Vocalist. For a brief time, Peter Ball of Those Who Fear joined the band; however, it ultimately did not work out.[1]

Konstantin "Konni" Lühring joined the band on Vocals, who had previously performed with Defeated Sanity and Despondency. Lühring had been a fan of Sherlock's previous projects, including Mortification.[1] In October 2015, the band released their debut album through Permeated Records, titled Infernal Atrocity.[2] Mark Smith would join the band on Bass after the album's recording.[3] Due to the inability to perform locally, Lühring departed from the band. Damien Mirkilis joined in January 2016 on Vocals.[4]

In 2017, the band released a live album, titled Live Atrocity - The Inception of Suffering. Following that, the band released several single covers of influential metal bands over 2018 and 2019.[5]



  • Damien Mirkilis - Vocals (2016-present)
  • Sheldon D'Costa - Guitars (2010-present)
  • Mark Smith - Bass (2015-present)
  • Jayson Sherlock - Drums (2010-present)


  • Peter Ball - Vocals (2013-2014)
  • Konstantin "Konni" Lühring - Vocals (2014-2016)


Studio albums

  • Infernal Atrocity (2015)

Live albums

  • Live Atrocity - The Inception of Sufferance (2017)


  • "Hammer Smashed Face" - Cannibal Corpse (2018)
  • "Into the Pit" - Testament (2018)
  • "Living Monstrosity" - Death (2018)
  • "With Their Flesh He'll Create" - Gorguts (2019)


  • The Covers Collection (2019)


  • The project began as a Christian project, but upon Konstantin's induction, the band could no longer be considered Christian.[1]


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