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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Death metal, Doom metal

Years active:


  • R.E.X. Records
  • Witchhunt Records
  • Defiled Crypt
  • Pleitegeier Records
  • Veridon Music
Associated Acts:

Altera Enigma, Soundscape, Revulsed, Beheadoth, Horde, LightForce, Deliverance, Mortification, Teramaze, Fearscape, Generator, Where Shadows Lie, Callous, Three Times Fire, Cryptal Darkness, Sanhedrin, The Eternal, InSomnius Dei, Desolate Eternity, Black Majesty, Virgin Black, Alternative 4, My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper, Ashen Mortality, The Other Window


InExordium (2006-2013)

Former members:

Andrew Tompkins
Jason de Ron
Jayson Sherlock
Steve Palmer
Colin Maynard
Chris Burton
Mark Kelson
Mark Orr
Ian Arkley

Paramaecium, also stylized as Paramæcium, was a death and doom metal band that originated out of Melbourne, Victoria out of the continent of Australia. The band released four studio albums over the course of their career from 1990 to 2006, when they changed names to InExordium.


Paramaecium began in 1990 out of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. The band was formed by Andrew Tompkins on Vocals and Bass. Tompkins hired Colin "Mosh" Mynard and Steve Palmer on Guitars and Drums respectively in 1991.[1][2] The three-piece would record their debut demo, Silent Carnage, but following its release Mynard and Palmer both departed from the band. Jason De Ron and former Mortification Drummer Jayson Sherlock would take over the respective mantles.[1][3]

With this new lineup, the band would record their debut album, Exhumed of the Earth, which was released in 1993 independently, with R.E.X Records distributing it throughout the United States.[4] The album also featured Judy Hellemons as a flute player and Rosemary Sutton as a violinist.[5]

In 1995, Chris Burton joined the band on Rhythm Guitars.[6] With the lineup of Tompkins, De Ron, Burton, and Sherlock, the band began recording their sophomore album, Within the Ancient Forest.[6] The album, being released in 1996, was well received. However, that same year, De Ron, Sherlock, and Burton all departed from the band.[7] However, despite this, an EP titled Repentance was released the following year, which featured the former members' performances.[8]

Following their departure from the band, Tompkins was forced to find a new lineup.[7] Tompkins sequentially hired Ian Arkley of Ashen Mortality on Guitars[7] and his cousin Mark Orr on Drums.[8] With this new lineup, the band recorded a third studio album, A Time to Mourn.[7] However, following the album's recording, Arkley departed from the band. The band seemingly went on hiatus around this time, until they resurfaced in 2004, with a new album titled Echoes from the Ground, which was released through Veridon Music.[9]

The album featured the cousins as well as Les "Rhino" Griffiths on Guitars.[9] Once the album was released, Orr officially departed from the band, which led De Ron and Sherlock to both rejoin the band.[8] In 2006, the band switched their name to InExordium, switching to a more death metal approach.[8]


Last Known Lineup

  • Andrew Tompkins - Vocals, Bass (1990-2006), Guitars (2004)
  • Jason De Ron - Lead Guitars (1992-1996, 2006), Rhythm Guitars (1992-1995, 1996, 2006)
  • Jayson Sherlock - Drums (1993-1996, 2006)


  • Colin "Mosh" Maynard - Lead & Rhythm Guitars (1991-1992)
  • Ian Arkley - Lead & Rhythm Guitars (1999)
  • Chris Burton - Rhythm Guitars (1995-1996)
  • Steve Palmer - Drums (1991-1993)
  • Mark Orr - Drums (1999)


  • Les "Rhino" Griffiths - Guitars (2004)
  • Judy Hellemons - Flute (1993)
  • Rosemary Sutton - Violin, Vocals (1993)
  • Atilla Kuti - Violin (2004)


Studio albums

  • Exhumed of the Earth (1993)
  • Within the Ancient Forest (1996)
  • A Time to Mourn (1999)
  • Echoes from the Ground (2004)


  • Repentance (1997)


  • Live Carnage 1991 (2006)


  • Silent Carnage (1991)


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