Once Dead
Once Dead

Los Angeles, California, United States


Thrash metal, Death metal

Years active:

2004-2008 (Hiatus), 2018-present


Open Grave Records

Associated Acts:

Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, The Crucified, Ultimatum, Die Happy, Emerald, Fasedown, Sanctuary Celebration Band, S.A.L.T., D.O.G., Neon Cross, Sircle of Silence, Holy Soldier, Tantrum of the Muse, Hand of Fire, Bore, Intercessor, Slag, Sarge Loda, The Blamed, Living Sacrifice, Final Threat, K.G.B., Lifesavers Underground, Left Out, The Satire, Three Kings, Wretched Graverrobber, Mortal, Heretic, Hirax, Primal, Final Decree, Steel Vengeance, Viking, Lambs Among Wolves, Max Blam Jam


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Current Members:
Former Members:
  • Scott Waters
  • Devin Schaeffer
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Angelo Espino
  • Jim Chaffin
  • Glen Mancaruso

Once Dead is a thrash metal band based out of Los Angeles, California in the United States. The band formed out of an attempted Vengeance Rising reunion.[1] However, plans changed when the group was almost sued by former Vocalist Roger Martinez, and the group went on to call themselves Once Dead, named after one of Vengeance's albums.[1]

The band formed in 2004, but in 2008, the band went on a hiatus. As of 2018, the band has returned with the original lineup, save for Vocalist Scott Waters, who was replaced by Jim Settle (Hand of Fire, Vengeance Rising, Tantrum of the Muse). Mancaruso was seemingly a part of the returning lineup, however, it was later revealed that Roger Sampson of Precious Death was taking the reigns.[2]

History Edit

Attempted Vengeance Rising reunion (2004-2005) Edit

Once Dead began in 2004, after an attempted original lineup reunion of Vengeance Rising, minus the Vocalist Roger Martinez. The four original founding members - Larry Farkas, Doug Thieme, Roger Dale Martin and Glen Mancaruso - joined together once more to attempt to give fans what they wanted. With the assistance of Ultimatum's Scott Waters, the band, at the time going under the name Vengeance Rising, set dates for a show on August 29, 2004.[3][4]

However, Martinez heard of the apparent reunion and he threatened to sue.[1] Due to this, the band changed their name to Once Dead. Roxx Records released a DVD, Return With a Vengeance, which featured the band performing Vengeance songs.[5]

Lineup changes, Visions of Hell and Hiatus (2006-2008) Edit

By the beginning of 2006, Martin, Mancaruso and Waters had all departed from the band. The same year, however, Angelo Espino (Heretic, ex-Hirax, ex-Reverend), Jim Chaffin (Deliverance, ex-The Crucified, ex-Fasedown), and Devin Schaeffer (ex-Fasedown) had taken over the respective positions, with Glenn Rogers (Deliverance, ex-Heretic, ex-Hirax) taking over additional Guitars.[6]

The band recorded their debut album, Visions of Hell, in 2007.[3] Before the album was released, however, Farkas departed from the band,[7] and returned less than a year later. Rogers departed from the band before the album's release. In 2008, following the album's release in October, the band embarked on a hiatus.

Reunion (2018-present) Edit

On August 29, 2018, the band officially announced the reunion of the band, with the new official lineup; Farkas, Thieme and Martin all returned to the band, alongside newcomers Jim Settle (Hand of Fire, ex-Tantrum of the Muse) on Vocals and Roger Sampson (Precious Death) on Drums.[2] The band entered the studio on October 20th.

Members Edit


Instruments Years active Other projects
Jim Settle Vocals 2018-present Hand of Fire, Vengeance Rising, Bore, Slag, Tantrum of the Muse, Intercessor
Larry Farkas Lead Guitars 2004-2007, 2008, 2018-present Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, Holy Soldier, Neon Cross, D.O.G., S.A.L.T., Die Happy, Sircle of Silence, Sanctuary Celebration Band
Doug Thieme Rhythm Guitars 2004-2008, 2018-present Vengeance Rising, Die Happy, Sanctuary Celebration Band
Roger Dale Martin Bass 2004-2006, 2018-present Vengeance Rising, Die Happy, Emerald, Holy Right, Pond Scum, Triple Ace, Sanctuary Celebration Band
Roger Sampson Drums 2018-present Precious Death


Instruments Years active Other projects
Scott Waters Vocals 2004-2005 Ultimatum
Devin Schaeffer Vocals 2005-2008 Fasedown
Glenn Rogers Rhythm Guitars 2006-2008 Deliverance, Primal, Final Decree, Heretic, Hirax, Steel Vengeance, Viking, Vengeance Rising, Lambs Amongst Wolves, Max Blam Jam
Angelo Espino Bass 2006-2008 B*tch, Heretic, L.S.N., Dissenter, Anger as Art, Hirax, Reverend, Uncle Slam, Vermin
Jim Chaffin Drums 2005-2008 Deliverance, The Crucified, Fasedown, Sarge Loda, The Blamed, Living Sacrifice, Final Threat, K.G.B., Lifesavers Underground, Left Out, The Satire, Three Kings, Mortal
Glen Mancaruso Drums 2004-2005, 2018 Die Happy, Vengeance Rising, S.A.L.T.

Timeline Edit

Discography Edit


  • Return With a Vengeance (2005)

Studio Album

  • Visions of Hell (2008)

Live Album

  • Return With a Vengeance: Live in Anaheim (2010)

References Edit

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