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Norma Jean
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Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Metalcore, Chaotic metalcore, Hardcore punk

Years active:


Associated Acts:

The Handshake Murders, What We Do In Secret, Spitfire, The Chariot, Underoath, Silent Planet, Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis, Elliot, Rival Choir, Hundred Suns, Dead and Divine, Uses Fire, Shai Hulud, Every Time I Die, Holy+Gold, We Came As Romans,


Luti-Kriss (1997-2001)

Current members:

Cory Brandan Putman
Grayson Stewart

Former members:

Josh Scogins
Scottie Henry
Jeff Hickey
Chris John Day
Phillip Farris
Josh Swofford
Josh Doolittle
Jake Schultz
John Finnegan
Mick Bailey
Daniel Davison
Chris Raines
Clayton Holyoak
Ryan Leger

Norma Jean is a metalcore band that originated out of Atlanta, Georgia in the country of the United States. The band began in 1997 as Luti-Kriss, with the original lineup of Vocalist Josh Scogin, Guitarists Chris Day and Scottie Henry, Bassist Josh Swofford, Keyboardist Mick Bailey, and Drummer Daniel Davison.

Over the years, the band eventually went through massive lineup changes, with ultimately none of the original members remaining. The band's current lineup consists of longtime Vocalist Cory Brandan Putman and Guitarist Grayson Stewart.


Luti-Kriss and debut album (1997-2004)[]

Norma Jean began in 1997, originally as Luti-Kriss out of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. The band consisted of Vocalist Josh Scogin, Lead Guitarist Scottie Henry, Rhythm Guitarist Chris Day, Bassist Josh Swofford, Keyboardist Mick Bailey, and Drummer Daniel Davison. With this lineup, the band recorded two EPs, before Swofford departed, being replaced by Josh Doolittle. With the new lineup, the band recorded their debut album, Throwing Myself in 2001.[1]

Following the album's release, Bailey departed from the band, and they changed their name to Norma Jean - due to confusion with the other better known Georgia local rapper Ludacris - voyaging on as a five-piece.[1] The name Norma Jean was the birth name of Marilyn Monroe, but later figured out Norma meant "patterns" and Jean meant "God's grace and mercy", so with that, "Norma Jean" means to the band, "Patterns of grace and mercy".[2]

The band would record and release an album, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, in 2002, which came out through Solid State Records.[3] Once the album was released, however, in 2002, Doolittle and Scogin both departed from the band. Jake Schultz would join the band on Bass and a friend of the band's, Brad Norris, would cover on Vocals.[4] In 2004, Cory Brandan, former Eso-Charis and Living Sacrifice member, would take over Vocals, officially.[5]

O' God, the Aftermath, Redeemer, and The Anti-Mother (2005-2009)[]

With Brandan's induction, the band recorded their sophomore album as Norma Jean, titled O' God, the Aftermath, which would be released in March 2005, via Solid State. The album would also be nominated for a Grammy, due to the artwork.[6] The following year, Redeemer would be released, being produced by Ross Robinson.[7] On September 21, 2007, it was announced that Davison would depart from the band, performing his last show on November 7, 2007.[8]

In December 2007, the band began working on their next album, titled The Anti-Mother.[9] The band would add on Spitfire Drummer Chris Raines as a full member around early to mid-February.[10] In August 2008, the band released The Anti-Mother through Solid State. On November 3, 2009, the band announced that they would no longer be signed to Solid State and had signed with Razor & Tie Records, who had also been home to For Today and P.O.D., to release their next album set for 2010.[11]

Meridional and Wrongdoers (2010-2014)[]

The following year Meridional was released, via Razor & Tie, on July 13, 2010.[12] Drummer Chris Raines would depart from the band after the release of the album, due to his children getting older.[10] Matt Marquez, who had worked for Slaves and several other bands, would take over Drums. Longtime member Scottie Henry would also depart from the band, leading Jeff Hickey, who had previously worked with Brandan in The Handshake Murders, to join the band on Lead Guitars.[13] In 2012, Marquez would be replaced by Clayton Holyoak.

In 2013, Schultz would depart from the band and be replaced by John Finnegan. On August 6, 2013, the band would release their second album through Razor & Tie and their overall sixth album, Wrongdoers.[14] The album would be Holyoak, Finnegan, and Hickey's debut with the band.[14] After the album was released, the band dropped off of Razor & Tie Records.

Polar Similar and All Hail (2015-present)[]

In May 2015, the band revealed they had been working on a new album. A month later, the band announced the 10 year anniversary tour of their album, O' God, the Aftermath. The band would perform the album in its entirety, performing alongside Sleepwave, Greyhaven, The Ongoing Concept, and former Vocalist Josh Scogin's newest act '68.[15] On September 15, 2015, the band resigned with Solid State, who would release their seventh album in 2016.[16][17] The band's final founding member, Rhythm Guitarist Chris Day, would depart from the band, without an announcement. Phillip Farris would take over the position.[18]

In June 2016, the band announced they had released the first single off the upcoming album, "1,000,000 Watts".[19] On July 14, 2016, the band released "Synthetic Sun" as a follow up.[20] On August 11, 2016, the project released their third single off of their upcoming album, titled "Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda", which featured Coalesce and Deathbed Atheist former Vocalist Sean Ingram.[21] On September 9, 2016, the band released Polar Similar, marking their first album released through Solid State since Meridional.[22]

Finnegan departed from the band without any announcement around mid-to-late 2017. On September 28, 2017, Holyoak departed from the band as well, going forth to perform with Every Time I Die, ironically replacing original Norma Jean Drummer Daniel Davison in the process.[23] In 2017, several live members were called in to cover positions for the band including former Dead and Divine Lead Guitarist Sebastian Lueth, former Silent Planet Rhythm Guitarist Igor Efimov, Rival Choir Bassist Christian Prince, and former We Came As Romans Drummer Eric Choi. In 2018, Grayson Stewart would join as a live Rhythm Guitarist.

In January 2019, the band would stream a B-side of Polar Similar, titled "Children of the Dead".[24] The band would announce that they were set to release a new album, with former Every Time I Die member Ryan "Legs" Leger as the band's new official Drummer.[24] At this time the band's official lineup consisted of Brandan, Hickey, Leger, and live members Stewart and Prince. However, by mid-2019, Stewart joined as a full-time member. Prince and Leger both departed the band in turn. In May 2019, the band parted ways with Hickey, due to an ongoing condition.[25] The band, now solely consisting of Brandan and Stewart, would push on with recording their new album. The two members would finish the album alongside Brandan's brother, Matthew Putman on Drums.[26] The band's newest album, titled All Hail, would be released on October 25, 2019, with the lineup of Brandan, Stewart, former Guitarist Jeff Hickey, Putman - who helped write the Drums - and former Drummer Matt Marquez - who recorded the Drums - on Solid State Records.[27] The band's live lineup consists of Brandan, Stewart, Marquez and new live members Bassist Johnny Muench (Greyhaven) and Guitarist Clay Crenshaw (What We Do in Secret).



Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Cory Brandan Putman Vocals, Rhythm Guitars 2004-present Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis, Elliot, The Handshake Murders, Uses Fire, Fear is the Driving Force, The Radio Sky, Hundred Suns
Grayson Stewart Lead Guitars (2019-present), Rhythm Guitars (2018-present) 2018-present Harvester


Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Josh Scogin Vocals 1997-2002 The Chariot, '68
Scottie H. Henry Lead Guitars 1997-2011 Spitfire, Holy+Gold
Jeff Hickey Lead Guitars 2011-2019 The Handshake Murders, Fear is the Driving Force
Chris John Day Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals 1997-2015 Holy+Gold
Phillip Farris Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals 2015-2018
Josh Swofford Bass 1997-2000
Joshua Daniel "Josh" Doolittle Bass 2000-2002
Jake Schultz Bass 2002-2012 Agony Reigns, Whores.
John Finnegan Bass 2013-2017
Mick Bailey Keyboards 1997-2001
Daniel Davison Drums 1997-2007 Underoath, Colour Revolt, Every Time I Die
Chris Raines Drums 2007-2010 Spitfire, Sunndrug
Clayton "Goose" Holyoak Drums 2012-2017 Every Time I Die, Orbs, Fear Before
Ryan "Legs" Leger Drums 2018-2019 Every Time I Die, Hundred Suns, Sumo Cyco, The Salads

Current Live

Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Clay Crenshaw Lead Guitars 2019-present What We Do In Secret
Johnny Muench Bass 2019-present Greyhaven
Matthew "Matt" Marquez Drums 2019-present Heartist, Slaves

Former Live

Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Brad Norris Vocals 2002-2004
Sebastian Lueth Lead Guitars 2017 Brighter Brightest, Dead and Divine, Liferuiner, Hundred Suns
Igor Efimov Rhythm Guitars 2017 Silent Planet
William Edwin "Billy" Nottke Bass 2002 Underoath, Shai Hulud
Christian Prince Bass 2017 Rival Choir
Eric Choi Drums 2017 We Came As Romans


Instruments Years Active Other Projects
Matthew "Matt" Putman Drums, Auxillery Percussion 2006, 2019 Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis, Elliot, Unwed Sailor, Lovedrug, Bear Colony, Ester Drang, Chase Pagan, Fear is the Driving Force


Studio albums

  • Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002)
  • O' God, the Aftermath (2005)
  • Redeemer (2006)
  • The Anti Mother (2008)
  • Meridional (2010)
  • Wrongdoers (2013)
  • Polar Similar (2016)
  • All Hail (2019)


  • Norma Jean / mewithoutYou (2002)


  • "Leaderless and Self Enlisted" (2010)
  • "Kill More Presidents" (2010)
  • "AHH! SHARK BITE AHH!" (2013)
  • "If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty" (2013)
  • "1,000,000 Watts" (2016)
  • "Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda" (2016)
  • "Children of the Dead" (2019)
  • "[Mind Over Mind]" (2019)
  • "Landslide Defeater" (2019)
  • "/with_errors" (2019)
  • Safety Last" (2019)


  • The Almighty Norma Jean Vinyl Boxset (2008)
  • Birds and Microscopes and Bottles of Elixirs and Raw Steak and a Bunch of Songs (2010)


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