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Black metal, Unblack metal, Raw black metal, Atmospheric black metal

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The Bearded Dragon Productions

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Haloed Patriots, Symphony of Heaven, Uriah, The Shadows Devour, Timōrātus, The Abrasive Realization, Resign From Humanity, Risen



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Mystic Winter is an unblack metal project featuring two members of Haloed Patriots. The band began in 2018.

History Edit

Mystic Winter began in 2018, beginning with two members of Haloed Patriots. The band name came up when the entire band on Haloed Patriots were looking over new names.[1]

The band recorded some material for Haloed Patriots, however, did not fit with their desired sound, so the two members asked the rest of the band if they were fine using the music. With their permission, the two proceeded, with Asaph doing the production of the track, vocals and programming drums.

However, they had to re-record the drums after the first draft was not desirable.[2] While the band members are not big fans of black metal, they believed that it sounded good compared to the few acts they have heard, including Ascending King and Cryptic Rising.[3]

The band released their track, "Withered", on March 30, 2018, through The Bearded Dragon Productions.[1][4] On May 28, 2018, it was revealed a new track was being recorded.[5] It has since been revealed an EP is in the works, titled Tergiversating Blasphemies.[6]

On March 15, 2019, the EP was released through The Bearded Dragon Productions and received sufficient coverage.[7][8] They were also placed in the Battle of the Bands Championship of the Week on Metal Devastation Radio's site.[9]

The band has announced they are working on their debut album, the title of which has yet to be announced. However, the album shall contain 12 tracks, and feature more of a black metal and death metal styled sound, with other genres included such as doom metal and thrash metal.[10]

In March 2020, the band released a compilation release titled Chapter 1, which marked the end of their raw material.[11]

Influences Edit

The band members, while not listening to much black metal, state Cryptic Rising and Ascending King as influences.[3] They also state that Horde, Symphony of Heaven, Enemy of Satan, Cerimonial Sacred, Proven Existence, Dawnbreaker, and Elgibbor as influences as well.

Members Edit


Instruments Years Active Associated Acts
Daniel "Asher" Treen Guitars 2018-present Haloed Patriots
Mason "Asaph" Beard Vocals, Drums, Keys 2018-present Haloed Patriots, Uriah, Symphony of Heaven, The Shadows Devour, Timōrātus, The Abrasive Realization, Resign From Humanity, Risen

Discography Edit


Title Release
"Withered" 2018


Title Release
Tergiversating Blasphemies 2019


Title Release
Chapter 1 2020

Compilation appearances

Title Release
Words of Endurance 2019
Powered by Injection 2019
Draak Herd (Vol. 1) 2019

References Edit

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