Mr. Bishop's Fist
Mr Bishop's Fist

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States


Hardcore punk, Doom metal, Doomcore

Years active:


  • R.E.X. Records (Affiliated)
  • Tooth & Nail Records (Affiliated)
Associated Acts:

Warlord, Catechuman, Roadside Monument

Former Members:

Jonathan Ford
Mike Jameson
Timothy Henderson

Mr Bishop's Fist was a doom metal band that began out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the United States. The band formed in 1993, but disbanded shortly after in 1994. The band recorded a single demo tape, however got two tracks of which on two different seminal record labels.

The members went on to perform in Warlord, Catechuman and Roadside Monument.

History Edit

The band began in 1993 between Jonathan Ford and Timothy Henderson, after being influenced by Helmet. The two began to then search for a Guitarist, with Ford taking his friend and bandmate Mike Jameson as their Guitarist. The three then recorded a demo and sent it to R.E.X. Records who were releasing a compilation album, titled Demo-lition II.[1] The compilation featured Argyle Park, Klank and Leaderdogs for the Blind. Tyler Bacon of R.E.X. began to discuss the band joining the label.[2]

He referred them to Tim Cook, who was a manager at The Wherehouse in Oklahoma. Cook, who had managed P.O.D. and set up shows with Living Sacrifice and The Crucified, immediately agreed to manage the band, for free. Around this time, Tooth & Nail Records contacted the band and wanted to add the band to a compilation, Helpless Amongst Friends, which featured Overcome, Strongarm and The Blamed.[2][3]

However, Tooth & Nail were wanting to sign the band, with Brandon Ebel contacting Bacon. Bacon, however, stated they could not sign the band and that R.E.X. would pull Tooth & Nail's distribution. The band, at this point, were disappointed with R.E.X. reaction, which made them very wary of the label. Shortly after, Ford and Henderson met with a band called Fuse of Ire, who were friends of the band, with two members - Rickey Rodgers and Nathan - with the result being Catechuman. The members of Mr. Bishop's Fist had lost interest in the band, and with creating Catechuman, the band called Cook and stated they were done and disbanded then.[2]

The band later went on to perform in Warlord, Catechuman and Roadside Monument.[2]

Members Edit

  • Jonathan Ford - Bass, Vocals (1993-1994)
  • Mike Jameson - Guitars (1993-1994)
  • Timothy Henderson - Drums (1993-1994)

Discography Edit

  • Mr Bishop's Fist (1993)

References Edit

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