Christian hard & heavy metal project of vocalist Maciej Podsiadło. Year of 2009 is the beginning of Maciej Podsiadło band where the vocalist played his first gig while singing only one song – „Smoke On The Water”. Then he split-up. He was supported by famous guitarist, Jacek Królik known well from Brathanki band, Chłopcy z Placu Broni, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Grzegorz Turnau… . Idea of resurrecting the solo project came in 2013. Maciej Podsiadło decided to release his solo albums. He invited a lot of famous rock and metal musicians and friends to help him with the recordings. In this time the first recordings occured. Single and DVD „Manifest Artystyczny” are not a seperate projects of the vocalist. Name of the album Aesthetic Choices of Maciej Podsiadło were arbitrarily choose by the professors of the academy and recordings were made for bachelor degree. Diploma ended up with a heavy metal concert of Maciej Podsiadło. At the beginning, the single was under the logo of Maciej Podsiadło but later was changed by the professors. Same thing happend to name Gigant Blues. It was a name of a song and performance but it wasn’t the name of a new project. In the other hand, a lot of people split-up these names as a separate projects. Songs of Maciej Podsiadło and the informations could be heard in radio stations like Polskie Radio Szczecin, Radio Eska, Eska Rock, WAWA, VOX Fm and tv statons like TVP Szczecin, TVP Info, Telewizja Pomerania. The vocalist announcing the participation of the famous musicians on every of his albums, among the musicians were winners of the gold record and also musicians that were recording with masters of hard and heavy metal.

The very first recordings of the vocalist Maciej Podsiadło were in style of hard rock, melodic heavy metal and soft rock. Nowaday band is heading up to traditional heavy metal with elements of power metal. Maciej Podsiadło also is inspirated by AOR and records songs in this style of music.

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