Hedricks, Iowa, United States


Black metal, Raw black metal

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Elgibbor, Frost Like Ashes, Nuclear Blaze, SerpEnd, Ithiel, Tertullian, Pozar, Katumus, Blaze, No Return to My Vomit, Old Man Frost, Fire Throne, Sacred Revelation, Boanerges, Knights of the New Temple


Tordenskrall (2018-present)

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Katharos was a raw black metal project formed in 2017 out of Hedricks, Iowa in the United States. The project was formed by Jarek "Fire" Pozarycki of famed black metal bands Elgibbor and Frost Like Ashes, as well as Nuclear Blaze, SerpEnd, and Old Man Frost.[1] The project also featured Michael "Taberah" Carriker, a close friend of Pozarycki's.

History Edit

Katharos began in April 2017, with "Fire" and "Taberah" on Guitars/Vocals and Drums respectively.[2] The band recorded a two-song self-titled EP - "Stay My Captain" and "Warrior" - which was released in 2017.[3] The band would sign to Nosral Recordings and their EP would be re-released with the label.[4][5]

In 2018, the band changed their to Tordenskrall, to avoid confusion between their project and a Satanic band called Katharos.[2] When the band switched names, they became independent.

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Last Known Lineup

Discography Edit


  • Katharos EP (2017)

Compilation appearances

  • Nosral Sampler #1 (2017)

References Edit

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