United States and South Africa


Black metal, Death metal, Grindcore

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Frost Like Ashes, Nuclear Blaze, SerpEnd, Old Man Frost, Elgibbor, Knights of the New Temple, Sacred Revelation, Katharos, Tertullian, Katumus, Pozar, Fire Throne, Boanerges, Blaze, No Return to My Vomit, Tordenskrall, Bismoth, Be Not Betrayed, Timōrātus, Begotten Plagues, Corinthia, Raszagol

Former members:

Jarek Pozarycki
Jethro de Beer

Ithiel was a black and death metal project that originated in 2015 in the United States and South Africa.[1] The project was formed by Jarek Pozarycki of famed black metal projects Elgibbor and Frost Like Ashes, as well as Old Man Frost, Sacred Revelation, Katharos, Nuclear Blaze, and many others, and Jethro de Beer of Bismoth, Be Not Betrayed, Begotten Plagues, and Timōrātus.[1] The band only released two singles, with one being featured on a compilation album.[2]

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup

  • Jethro de Beer - Vocals (2015-2016)
  • Jarek Pozarycki - All instruments (2015-2016)

Discography Edit


  • "Hope to See the Light" (2015)
  • "This Feeling" (2016)

Compilation appearances

  • All Things Christian Extreme Metal Vol. 1 (2016)

References Edit

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