In Emptiness
Within the Torn Apart members

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States


Doom metal, Drone metal, Noise, Ambient metal

Years active:


  • Spookcore Records
Associated Acts:

Faithless Minutes Devoured, The Mourning Dimension, Dead Human Prophecies, The Abrasive Realization, The Shadows Devour, Resign From Humanity, Ethereal Noise Dimension, Timeless Static Void, Somber Gravity, Insomnia Mind Collapse, Reality Collapsed, Reality Has Collapsed, Crust, Shadows Over Paranor, CBFDIB, Usurper


Within the Torn Apart (2007-2011)

Former members:

Dave Coats

In Emptiness was a drone metal project that originated out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the United States. The band formed in 2006 by Dave Coats, known for his work in Faithless Minutes Devoured and The Mourning Dimension.

History Edit

In Emptiness began in 2006, formed by Dave Coats out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the United States.[1] The band would release a demo, via Spookcore Records.[2] Following the self-titled demo's release, the band embarked on a hiatus.[3] When the project was revived later in 2007, it was given a new name, now going by Within the Torn Apart.[4]

Members Edit

  • Dave Coats - Everything (2006-2007)

Discography Edit


  • In Emptiness (2006)

References Edit

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