Heaven's Force
Heaven's Force

Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Thrash metal, Power metal, Speed metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Restless Highway, Blood of the Sun, Rotting Corpse, Covenant, Storm at Sunrise

Former members:

Dave Gryder
Kelly Berger
Chris Richie

Heaven's Force was a thrash metal band from Fort Worth, Texas in the United States. The band began in 1983 but disbanded in late 1984, but not before recording two demos. Heaven's Force is considered to be the first Christian thrash metal act,[1] predating Vengeance Rising, Deliverance and Tourniquet,[2] while Drummer and Vocalist Dave Gryder has stated that "I don't know if we were the first".[3]

History Edit

Heaven's Force formed in 1983, after Mystress, a band that Vocalist/Drummer Dave Gryder and Bassist Kelly Berger were a part of, broke up.[3] The two wanted to form a new band and hired on Chris Richie, a friend of Berger's, on Guitars.[3] That year, the three recorded a demo titled, Aggressive Angel, which featured four tracks.[4] In 1984, the band recorded their self-titled demo, which featured four new tracks.[5] The band also recorded a single track, called "Don't Tell Me (That You're Leaving)", where Richie sang. However, it did not fit the style of the band, exhibiting more of a rock tune, rather than thrash metal.[3] In 1984, the band disbanded and the members went their separate ways, due to musical differences.[3]

In 2008, Richie committed suicide.[6] Following this, Open Grave Records decided to release the band's two demos as Aggressive Angel, a compilation of their works.[1][2][3][6][7] Gryder has since done interviews, where he stated a reunion would never happen without Richie.[3][6][8]

In 2018, the band was a part of a compilation released through The Bearded Dragon Productions, titled Back in the Day, opening the release, alongside Mortification, Aletheian, Sleeping by the Riverside, Soul Embraced, Crimson Thorn, Frost Like Ashes, and many more.[9]

Members Edit

  • Dave Gryder - Vocals, Drums (1983-1984)
  • Chris Richie - Guitars (1983-1984) (deceased 2008)
  • Kelly Berger - Bass (1983-1984)

Discography Edit



  • Aggressive Angel (2009)

References Edit

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