Russellville, Alabama, United States


Bestial black metal, War metal, Black metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Proven Existence, Shekinah, Brainkrusher, What Brings Ruin, Mindgames

Current members:

Nocturnal Servant

Goatscorge is a war metal and bestial black metal project based out of Russellville, Alabama in the United States. The project was formed by the enigmatic Nocturnal Servant of Proven Existence, Brainkrusher, Shekinah, and What Brings Ruin.

History Edit

The project debuted in 2019 in a goal to create more styles for the Christian scene, between Nocturnal Servant and the founder of the project's label, The Bearded Dragon Productions, Mason Beard. The project has released a single, "Lacerate the Goat", and an EP, Awaiting the Apocalypse. On November 15th, 2019, the project debuted their first full-length, 11 track album titled Marching Against The Evil One.[1][2][3] The band is currently on a hiatus, due to Nocturnal Servant needing to address personal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.[4] The band was featured on a Battle of the Bands championship list following the release of the album.[5]

Members Edit


Discography Edit


  • "Lacerate the Goat" (2019)


  • Awaiting the Apocalypse (2019)

Studio albums

  • Marching Against the Evil One (2019)

References Edit

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