Olso, Norway, Europe


Hardcore punk, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Progressive metal

Years active:


  • Christiania Rock Records
  • Fullsteam Records
Associated Acts:

Extol, Mantric, Lengsel, Fleshkiller, Schaliach, Antestor, Selfmindead, Azusa, Ole Børud, Børud-Gjengen, Aperture, Bolivar, Tim Familytree, Absurd²

Former members:

Peter Espevoll
Tor Magne Glidje
Ole Halvard Sveen
John Robert Mjåland
Kim Akerholdt
Benjamin Pyke
David Husvik

Ganglion, also stylized as Ganglión, was a progressive rock and hardcore punk band that originated in 2002 out of Olso, Norway in Europe. The band recorded two EPs and a promo, which were released through Christiania Rock Records and Fullsteam Records.[1]

The band consisted of the lineup of Peter Espevoll on Vocals, Tor Magne Glidje on Guitars, Ole Halvard Sveen on Guitars, John Robert Mjåland on Bass, Benjamin Pyke on Bass, Kim Akerholdt on Drums and David Husvik on Drums.[2] Many of the members were a part of Extol, Mantric, Lengsel, Truckrock, and Benea Reach.

Members Edit

  • Peter Espevoll - Vocals
  • Tor Magne Glidje - Guitars
  • Ole Halvard Sveen - Guitars
  • John Robert Mjåland - Bass
  • Benjamin Pyke - Bass
  • Kim Akerholdt - Drums
  • David Husvik - Drums

Discography Edit


  • Ganglion (2002)
  • Stripped (2003)


  • 2003 Promo (2018)

References Edit

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