Forfeit Thee Untrue

Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa


Metalcore, Groove metal, Progressive metal, Hard rock, Death metal

Years active:


Current members:

Kenny Smith
Craig Palmer

Former members:

Gideon Kartsen
Mitch Pearson
Sean Towsen
Eckard Van Tonder

Forfeit Thee Untrue is a groove metal band that originated out of Benoni, Gauteg, South Africa in the continent of Africa. The band was created in 2006 by Craig Palmer on Drums and Sean Towsen on Rhythm Guitars. The band would record a studio album and an EP.

History Edit

Forfeit Thee Untrue began in 2006 out of Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa. The band originated with the lineup of Rhythm Guitarist Sean Towsen and Drummer Craig Palmer. The band would be silent until 2013, when the band, now consisting of Palmer, Towsen, Vocalist and Bassist Gideon Kartsen, and Lead Guitarist Mitch Pearson, released and recorded their EP, titled Blood Soaked Splinter.[1] The EP was released via Sanctus Gladius Records.[1] After the EP was released, however, Towsen departed from the band, with Karsten taking up the Rhythm Guitars.

A few years later, the band signed with Rottweiler Records. With Eckard van Tonder taking over Bass, Karsten leaving Guitars to Pearson, and Pearson picking up additional Vocals, the band recorded and released their debut album, Creationem Jesus Lacrimam.[2][3] Following the album's release, however, in 2017, Karsten and Tonder would depart from the band.[4] In July 2018, Pearson would also depart, leaving Palmer the sole member of the band.

Kenny Smith would join in 2018 as the Vocalist and Guitarist for the band. In 2019, the band would release their debut single, "Halo Crippled", from their upcoming album.[5]

Members Edit


  • Kenny Smith - Vocals, Guitars (2018-present)
  • Craig Palmer - Drums (2006-present)


  • Gideon Karsten - Vocals (2012-2017), Rhythm Guitars (2014-2017), Lead Guitars (2012), Bass (2012-2013)
  • Mitch Pearson - Lead Guitars (2012-2018), Vocals (2014-2018)
  • Sean Towsen - Rhythm Guitars (2006-2013)
  • Eckard van Tonder - Bass (2014-2017)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam (2016)


  • Blood Soaked Splinter (2013)


  • "Halo Crippled" (2019)

Compilation appearances

  • Metal From the Dragon (Vol. 1) (2017)

References Edit

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