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Facedown Records



Jason Dunn


Death metal, Extreme metal, Hardcore punk, Metalcore, Deathcore


United States


Fallbrook, California



Facedown Records is a record label that originated in 1998, as a way to release material of Jason Dunn's band No Innocent Victim. The label was founded out of Fallbrook, California. The label primarily focused on Hardcore punk in their founding days, and have now focused on Metalcore bands and Post-rock bands.

History Edit

The label formed in 1998, by Jason Dunn, the drummer of No Innocent Victim as a way to release their material after their departure from Rescue Records. The band recorded a split EP with Phanatik, which was the debut release of the label. Later on, they also released a split EP between Positive Youth and Persevere. The label would then sign their first official act in 1998, Overcome.[1] The label grew even more after Overcome was signed, with Born Blind, Dodgin' Bullets and Figure Four all joining the label and releasing material through the label. At this time, the biggest bands on the label included xDISCIPLEx A.D., No Innocent Victim and Overcome.

By the early 2000s, Symphony in Peril, Falling Cycle and Sinai Beach, among others, joined the label as new signings. Comeback Kid became the label's biggest band, with their release Turn It Around. In 2005, No Innocent Victim released their final album on the label, which ended the original reason for Dunn's founding of the label. By 2007, the label had signed some of their defining acts in For Today,[2] Impending Doom,[3] The Burial, Sleeping Giant[4] and War of Ages. Over the years, the bands' popularity kept growing as did the label's with bands like Gideon,[5] A Plea for Purging and the legendary Extol joining the roster.[6]

Around this time, the label started venturing into the post-rock/post-metal genre, specifically with bands such as Hands and My Epic.[7][8] The bands were well received and saw much notoriety. With releases from the band including Hands' Creator and Give Me Rest and My Epic's Yet, Broken Voice and Behold, the label became equally known as a haven for post-rock/post-metal bands.

By 2018, the label's roster consisted of many of their most popular acts, while also seeing the new signings of Dens and Weathered joining the post-rock/post-metal side of things.[9][10] The label released several of the post-rock releases in that year, along with Sleeping Giant's final release, with Dens, Weathered, My Epic and Everything in Slow Motion all scheduling releases in that year.

Current Artists Edit

Former Artists Edit

Active Edit

  • A Hope for Home (Unsigned)
  • Comeback Kid (Victory Records)
  • Dogwood (Unsigned)
  • Fallstar (Unsigned)
  • Gideon (Equal Vision Records)
  • Hands (Unsigned)
  • Immortal Souls (Rottweiler Records)
  • Impending Doom (eOne)
  • Shapes Stars Make (Unsigned)

Disbanded Edit

Hiatus/Inactive Edit

  • Altars
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Bloodlined Calligraphy
  • The Burial
  • Colossus
  • Dynasty
  • Figure Four

Affiliated Edit

  • Persevere (disbanded)
  • Phanatik (disbanded)
  • Positive Youth (disbanded)
  • Sympathy (hiatus)

Staff Edit

Current Edit

  • Dave Quiggle - Art Director (ex-XDISCIPLEX A.D.)
  • Jason Dunn - Founder, A&R, Marketing (ex-No Innocent Victim) (1998-present)
  • Jim Hughes - Merchandise Manager (Colossus) (2014-present)
  • Shannon Quiggle - Publicity Director
  • Virginia Dunn - Accounting

Former Edit

  • David Morrison - Tour Booking, Contracts, Itineraries (ex-For Today) (2008-2011)

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