South Florida, United States


Metalcore, Hardcore punk

Years active:



First Street Records

Associated Acts:

Strongarm, Tension, Further Seems Forever

Former members:

Mikey Hurley
Jamie Bryan
Josh Colbert
Nick Dominguez

Endure was a Hardcore punk band in the early 1990s based out of South Florida. The band was formed by Vocalist Mikey Hurley (Tension), Guitarist Joshua Colbert (ex-Strongarm, Further Seems Forever), Bassist Nick Dominguez (ex-Tension, ex-Strongarm, Further Seems Forever) and Drummer Jamie Bryan.[1] The band only put out one release, a single four-track cassette tape.[2]

History Edit

Endure began around 1991, with the lineup of Mikey Hurley on Vocals, Josh Colbert on Guitars, Nick Dominguez on Bass and Jamie Bryan on Drums. The band was active for a few years and performed shows with Ikthus, a punk band with many of their friends. Endure was a considered one of the best acts in the area.[2]

In 1993, Endure recorded their debut and only release, a self-titled EP cassette, with four tracks. The EP was released through First Street Records. However, after the release, the band disbanded. Hurley went on to form Tension, while Colbert and Dominguez joined Strongarm.[1][3] Dominguez also was apart of Tension.[1] Bryan, however, was not heard from musically after their disbanding.

One of Endure's songs, "Together", was covered on Strongarm's album, Advent of a Miracle as track 10.[3][4]

Members Edit

  • Michael "Mikey" Joseph Hurley II - Vocals (died 2017)
  • Joshua Colbert - Guitars
  • Nick Dominguez - Bass
  • Jamie Bryan - Drums

Discography Edit


  • Endure (1993)[5]

References Edit

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