Echo Hollow
Echo Hollow

Burbank, California, United States


Thrash metal, Progressive metal

Years active:


  • Geneva Records
Associated Acts:

Tourniquet, Holy Danger, Cripple Need Cane

Former members:

Guy Ritter
Gary Lenaire
Rafik Oganyan
Matthew Fallentine
Matt Rosenblum

Echo Hollow was a progressive thrash metal band that started out of Burbank, California in the United States. The band began in 1996, following Gary Lenaire's departure from Tourniquet. The original lineup consisted of Lenaire, Guy Ritter (ex-Tourniquet, ex-Holy Danger), Matthew Fallentine and Matt Rosenblum. A few years later, the band added Rafik Oganyan to the lineup. However, in 2004, the band disbanded.

History Edit

Origins and Diet of Worms (1996-2000) Edit

Echo Hollow started in October 1996, following Lead Guitarist Gary Lenaire's departure from Tourniquet in August 1996.[1] He hired Guy Ritter, the other founding member of Tourniquet who had left in 1993, as the band's Vocalist and the two hired on friends Matthew Fallentine and Matt Rosenblum on Bass and Drums respectively. Fallentine was a friend of Ritter's, who eventually became his brother-in-law, while Rosenblum was someone Lenaire had heard of for some time.[2]

The four began to work on an album, which was titled Diet of Worms. The album came out in 1999, though it was recorded in September 1998.[2] The title is based around the reformation of the Church and Martin Luther's contribution of the 95 theses in the 16th century.[2] The album was released by Geneva Records, which was a label that was very small and had very little following.

Superficial Intelligence and hiatus (2001-2005) Edit

In June 2001, the band added on Rafik "Raf" Oganyan as their Rhythm Guitarist, who had previously played with Enfusion, a progressive dance group.[3] Following his induction, the band began to write and record a new album. However, the album was delayed several times, over the next three years.[4] The album came out in 2004, Superficial Intelligence, which was once again released by Geneva Records. However, following the release of the album, the band went on a hiatus as of 2005.[5] Lenaire, in an interview stated the following;

"Echo Hollow was really an independent studio project. Touring was never considered. EH may do something in the future but I have no current plans for that." ― Gary Lenaire[[source]]
However, in 2006, the band's site went down and seemingly disbanded. Lenaire, Oganyan and Rosenblum started a project following their hiatus called Cripple Need Cane, while Ritter and Fallentine remained musically silent.

Members Edit

  • Guy Ritter - Vocals (1996-2005)
  • Gary Lenaire - Lead Guitars (1996-2005)
  • Rafik Oganyan - Rhythm Guitars (2001-2005)
  • Matthew Fallentine - Bass (1996-2005)
  • Matt Rosenblum - Drums (1996-2005)

Timeline Edit


Studio albums

  • Diet of Worms (1999)
  • Superficial Intelligence (2004)

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