Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway, Europe


Black metal, Death-doom, Avant-garde metal, Avant-garde death metal, Experimental metal, Progressive metal, Technical black metal, Technical metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Horde, Frosthardr, Arch Nemesis


Vitality (1996-1997)

Current members:

Karl Fredrik Lind
Håvar Wormdahl
Glenn-David Lind

Former members:

Sven-Erik Lind
Bengt Olsson
Bjarn Peder Lind

Drottnar is a technical avant-garde black metal band that originated in Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway out of the continent of Europe.[1] The band is currently signed with Endtime Productions and have released three studio albums in total, all through the label. The band, in total, have released three studio albums, two singles, five EPs, a demo, and a compilation.[1]

History Edit

The band was formed in 1996, under the name of Vitality, created by the four Lind brothers - Guitarist Karl, Drummer Glenn-David, Vocalist Sven, and Bassist Bjarne.[2] They recorded two demos, titled Doom of Antichrist and Demo 96/97, which were released in May 1996, independently.[1] In 1998, the band changed their name to Drottnar and recorded a demo titled A White Realm. In 2000, the band put together their demos and released it as an album, titled Spiritual Battle, which was released through Plankton Records, a Christian record label which focused mostly on worship music.[3][4]

The same year, the band recorded a track titled "Trellebaand Maa Briste" for Endtime Productions' compilation, In the Shadow of Death. The band started to make their image a bit more militant, wearing gas masks as a part of their live shows. In 2003, Bjarne departed from the band. The band recorded an EP, titled Anamorphosis, via Momentum Scandinavia.[3] The EP debuted the band's newest members, Bengt Olsson and Håvar Wormdahl on Guitars and Bass respectively.[5] The band also performed at Elements of Rock Festival in Switzerland.[6]

In 2005, the band officially signed with Endtime Productions and entered Subsonic Studios to record new material. The same year, Drottnar performed at Nordic Fest.[7] Jan-Espen S. Schildmann recorded trumpets on their next release, which would turn into their first studio album, titled Welterwerk, which would be released in April 2006.[8] A 7-inch single, titled Ad Hoc Revolt, was released for promotional use via Endtime.[3] Drottnar also headlined Immortal Metal Fest, performing alongside acts such as Immortal Souls, Wingdom, Frail, and From Ashes.[9] In 2007, the band played at Endtime Fest.[10] In Summer of 2008, the band embarked on a brief tour, which saw them perform at Cornerstone Festival in 2008, alongside other metal bands such as Becoming the Archetype, As I Lay Dying, and For Today.[11]

On February 1, 2009, the band announced that they were working on a new album.[12] However, the day after they stated that Olsson had departed from the band.[13] Later that year, on August 12th, the Olsson rejoined the band.[14] The band would continue recording their material over the next couple of years until they released a single titled "Lucid Stratum" on November 8, 2011.[1] In 2011, Drottnar performed at Brainstorm Fest, alongside Sinbreed, In the Midst of Lions, and Immortal Souls.[15] The band released their sophomore album, Stratum, via Endtime, on October 13, 2012, followed by a music video for the song, "We March".[16] Over 2017 and 2018, the band released a trio of EPs titled Monolith (I-III), which eventually was released as a box set, as well as combined into a studio album.[1] In 2019, the band played Brainstorm Festival in Switzerland, alongside acts including War of Ages and Sirenia,[17] and Audiofeed Festival in the United States, alongside acts including Timōrātus, Taking the Head of Goliath, and Crimson Moonlight.[18]

Members Edit


  • Karl Fredrik Lind - Vocals (2013-present), Guitars (1996-present)
  • Håvar Wormdahl - Bass (2003-present)
  • Glenn-David Lind - Drums (1996-present)


  • Sven Erik Lind - Vocals (1996-2013)
  • Bengt Olsson - Guitars (1996-2013)
  • Bjarne Peder Lind - Bass (1996-2003)


  • Lina Holmström - Violin (2003)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Welterwerk (2006)
  • Stratum (2012)
  • Monolith (2019)


  • Anamorphosis (2003)
  • Ad Hoc Revolt (2006)
  • Monolith I (2017)
  • Monolith II (2018)
  • Monolith III (2018)


  • A White Realm (1998)


  • Spiritual Battle (2000)
  • Monolith (2019)


  • "Lucid Stratum" (2011)
  • "Wolves and Lambs" (2016)

Compilation appearances

  • Extreme Music Sampler Volume 4 (2000)
  • In the Shadow of Death (2000)
  • Dark Hymns for the End Times (2017)
  • Legacy 02/19 (2019)

References Edit

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