Death Therapy
Death Therapy

Dacula, Georgia, United States


Groove metal, Industrial metal

Years active:



Solid State Records

Associated Acts:

Becoming the Archetype, Solamors, Nonexistent Failure, The Remnant, Pneuma, Living Sacrifice, Hope for the Dying, DIRE, Project 86

Current Members:

Jason Wisdom

Live Members:

Brian Wages
Josh Seagraves
Blake Aldrige

Death Therapy is an industrial groove metal project based out of Dacula, Georgia in the United States. The project began in 2015. Jason Wisdom (ex-Becoming the Archetype, Solamors) began the project as a solo effort, with no guitars, just Vocals, Bass, Programming and Drums.

History Edit

Jason Wisdom formed Death Therapy in late 2015. The project came as a way to still perform music.[1] The band name came from the movie, "What About Bob?".[2] Wisdom had spent 12 years in the Metal Industry, as the Bassist and Vocalist of Becoming the Archetype. He had performed on six studio albums, an EP, two singles and two demos, under the names of BTA, Nonexistent Failure and The Remnant. Wisdom departed from the band in 2011, He joined a project with Aletheian members and fellow former BTA members, Alex Kenis and Travis Turner with a project called Solamors. The project recorded a single album, Depravity's Demise, which released at the end of 2013.

Death Therapy formed in 2015 and released two singles, "Possessed" and "The Lie", which came premiered through HM Magazine.[2][3] Shortly after the two singles releases, he finalized it with the release of the demo, titled Demo Songs (2015/2016), which featured the additional track "Prodigal". The release also featured Brian Wages on Keyboards and Josh Seagraves on Drums.[4]

Following the demo was released, the project would eventually sign to Solid State Records.[5][6] However, despite signing around October 2016, it was not announced until January 2017.[5][6] The projects debut album was titled The Storm Before the Calm and was released on February 24, 2017.[7][8] The band toured with Project 86 to support the album. In July 2018, Death Therapy announced they were recording their sophomore album, with Blake Aldrige on Drums.[9] On September 21, 2018, the band released "Crazy", a cover of a Gnarls Barkley song.[10]

Members Edit


  • Jason Wisdom - Bass, Vocals (2015-present)


  • Brian Wages - Keyboards (2015-2016)[4]
  • Josh Seagraves - Drums (2015-2017)[4]
  • Blake Aldrige - Drums (2017-present)[9]


Discography Edit


  • Demo Songs (2015/2016) (2016)

Studio albums

  • The Storm Before the Calm (2017)
  • Untitled Sophomore Album (TBA)[9]


  • "Possessed" (2015)
  • "The Lie" (2016)

Other songs

  • "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley (2018)

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