Missouri, United States


Death metal

Years active:

1997-2006, 2009-present


Flaming Tomb

Current Members:

James Kline

Daemongrinder are a death metal band that began in 1997. The band formed out of Missouri.

History Edit

Daemongrinder began in 1997, as a death metal project created by James Kline. After departing from his punk rock band, called Big Orange Torpedo, Kline envisioned his new project being death metal and industrial, however going for a more straight death metal band.[1]

The project worked on a demo release, which featured eight songs. The release was titled Inhuman Acts of Brutality, released in 2002. The CD received mixed reviews.[2][3][4]

In 2006, the project worked on another release, tentatively titled The Day to End All Days, which featured ten songs. The album would feature live drums, rather than programming.[5] The album, however was unreleased. Kline, after beginning a crisis of faith, stopped the project.[1][6]

In 2009, he began working on the project again, with his crisis being resolved and he gained a new perspective. The new material was considered by Kline as sonically superior than his previous works.[1]

Influences Edit

The band's influences included several more extreme metal bands, however incorporated several punk and progressive bands. The influences for the project included Living Sacrifice, Crimson Thorn, Extol, Mortification, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theater, and The Misfits.[1]

Equipment Edit

Kline uses several different types of musical equipment, including Jackson JD-R Dinky, Crate GT212 120-watt combo, DigiTech GSP2101 rack processor, Boss Octaver pedal, Boss Metal Zone pedal, Ibanez TR 4-string bass, Roland XP-10 synth, and odds & end recording gear (condenser mic, DAW, PC rec software, etc.).[7]

Members Edit

  • James Kline - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Programming (1997-2006, 2009-present)

Discography Edit

Demo Albums

  • Inhuman Acts of Brutality (2002)
  • The Day to End All Days (Unreleased)

References Edit

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