Cryptic Rising
Cryptic Rising

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Black metal, Experimental metal, Experimental black metal, Post-black metal, Noise, Funeral doom metal, Raw black metal, Atmospheric black metal, Death metal, Powerviolence

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Abated Mass of Flesh, Cadaverous Contingency, Numbered with the Transgressors, Parallax Withering, Dysfunctional Rotout, Xantravor, Willow Mount, Essence of Immortality, Apocalypse of the Risen, Christageddon, Widow and the Son, Propitious Vegetation, Double-Barrel Vasectomy, NGC 4414, Weathertalk

Current members:

Matthew Plunkett
Zachary Plunkett

Cryptic Rising is a post-black metal and noise project formed by Matthew Plunkett. The project began in 2012 out of Nashville, Tennessee in the United States.[1] Over the years, the project has released a plethora of material, including three full-lengths, nine demos, four singles, two compilations, three EPs, and a split with Myzr.

History Edit

Cryptic Rising began in 2012 out of Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. The project was created by Matthew Plunkett, as his second black metal project, his first being Willow Mount alongside his brother Zachary Plunkett.[2] The project recorded their debut release, a demo titled Hopeless in Dead Winter Storm.[2][3] In 2013, the project recorded their debut album, Isolation, which was released through Black Metal Underground Records, and later SkyBurnsBlack Records.[2] Over the next two years, the project released two demos, two singles, and another full-length - a self-titled release.[3][4]

In 2016, the band released two EPs, With Sorrow and Dread (also known as III) and Inheritance.[2][3] The following year, two demos and another full-length, titled Emergence, were all released.[5] In 2018, the band released three demos, a split with Myzr, an EP, and a single all independently.[2][3] Zack joined the band and recorded on "The Sequential Sting of Existence" and Demo V with the band before departing.[2] 2019 saw the release of two singles, a demo, and two compilation releases.[2][3] Zack would again join the band to release a full-length, titled Necrotic Sacrament.[6] The band was set to perform a live show in February 2020, with Steven Cosand formerly of Overcome and Sanhedrin on Bass. On January 10, 2020, the band would release their fifth album, Putrid Remnants.

Members Edit


  • Matthew Plunkett - Everything (2012-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019), Vocals (2012-present), Drums (2019-present)


  • Steven Cosand - Bass (2020-present)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Isolation (2013)
  • Cryptic Rising (2014)
  • Emergence (2017)
  • Necrotic Sacrament (2019)
  • Putrid Remnants (2020)


  • With Sorrow and Dread / III (2016)
  • Inheritance (2016)
  • Old Wound (2018)


  • Hopeless in Dead Winter Storm (2012)
  • Demo (2014)
  • Demo II (2015)
  • D e m o (2017)
  • D e m o II (2017)
  • D e m o III (2018)
  • D e m o IV (2018)
  • D e m o V (2018)
  • D e m o VI (2019)


  • "Illuminate" (2015)
  • "With Sorrow and Dread (2015)
  • "The Sequential Sting of Existence" (2016)
  • "Thrones" (2019)
  • "Home Burial" (2019)


  • The Fear Unknown (2019)
  • Demos (2019)

Compilation appearances

  • United We Skate - Benefit Comp Volume 5 Metal (2015)
  • Nosral Noise (2019)
  • Vol. II (2019)

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