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Deathcore, Death metal, Hardcore punk, Metalcore


United States



Christian Deathcore Promotions, simply known as Christian Deathcore, is a record label that originated in 2011. The label focused on releasing compilations as well as singles from time to time, assisting in promoting bands in the Christian deathcore and death metal genres.

Affiliated Acts Edit

  • Abated Mass of Flesh (active)
  • Admonished (disbanded)
  • Afterimage (disbanded)
  • All Have Sinned (disbanded)
  • Anatomy of a Creation (disbanded)
  • As the Sky Turns Red (disbanded)
  • As They Sleep (inactive)
  • At the Throne of Judgement (hiatus)
  • Awaken O' Sleeper (disbanded)
  • Becoming the Archetype (hiatus)
  • Before the Throne (disbanded)
  • A Better Tomorrow (disbanded)
  • Beware the Neverending (disbanded; changed name to Second Death)
  • Bloodline Severed (active)
  • Bloodlines (active)
  • A Body Divided (disbanded)
  • Broken Flesh (active)
  • The Burial (hiatus)
  • Centuries Apart (disbanded)
  • Condemned To Annihilation (disbanded)
  • Consecrate (hiatus)
  • Creations (disbanded)
  • Crowned (disbanded)
  • Darkness Divided (disbanded)
  • Deaf (disbanded)
  • Dissimulator (disbanded)
  • Empty Lies The Tomb (disbanded)
  • Every Knee Shall Bow (active)
  • Eyes Of The Defiled (hiatus)
  • Faithful And True (disbanded)
  • Final Surrender (active)
  • The Flesh Of Kings (active)
  • Flesh War (inactive)
  • Forever is Today (disbanded)
  • Gethsemane (disbanded)
  • Gnashing Of Teeth (hiatus)
  • Great Was The Fall (disbanded)
  • The Gun Show (disbanded)
  • Hamashia (disbanded)
  • HaShem (disbanded)
  • He Amongst the Dead (disbanded)
  • I Built the Cross (disbanded)
  • I Fear Nothing (disbanded)
  • Images (disbanded)
  • Impending Doom (active)
  • In Fear Of His Dream (disbanded)
  • Isle Of Patmos (disbanded)
  • Keep The Change, Despair (disbanded)
  • A New Reign (active)
  • Nomadic (disbanded)
  • O Wretched Man (active)
  • The Order Of Elijah (active; no longer Christian)
  • Parallax Withering (hiatus)
  • Paskirta Vilkai (disbanded)
  • Reasons (disbanded)
  • Saints Among Soldiers (disbanded)
  • Salt And Light (disbanded)
  • Screaming Your Name (active)
  • Second Thief (disbanded)
  • Separatist (active)
  • Sion (disbanded)
  • Silent Amber (disbanded)
  • Solamors (inactive)
  • Solomon (disbanded)
  • Soul Embraced (active)
  • Stop, Drop, & Burn (disbanded)
  • Straight From The Grave (disbanded)
  • Strength From Within (disbanded)
  • Swinery (disbanded)
  • Sympathy (hiatus)
  • Take Up Your Cross (disbanded)
  • Tears Of The Martyrs (disbanded)
  • They Dwell Beneath The Temples (disbanded)
  • This Divided World (active)
  • Those Who Endure (active)
  • Toarn (active)
  • Tribulations (disbanded)
  • The Twelth Amethyst (disbanded)
  • Unseen Faith (active)
  • Unto The Beast (active)
  • The Valenzetti Equation (disbanded)
  • Visions Of Scion (disbanded)
  • Vitriolic (disbanded)
  • Wait Here (disbanded)
  • Washed With The Blood (disbanded)
  • We The Fallen (disbanded)
  • WhatDrivesTheWeak (active)
  • Whose Hearts Were His (disbanded)
  • Wormwood (active)
  • Your Chance To Die (active)
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