Cadaverous Contingency
Cadaverous Contingency

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States


Brutal death metal, Death metal, Deathcore, Grindcore, Brutal deathcore, Slamming death metal, Slam metal

Years active:


  • SkyBurnsBlack Records
Associated Acts:

Abated Mass of Flesh, Flayed Alive, Numbered With the Transgressors, Widow and the Son, Christageddon, Cryptic Rising, Willow Mount, Dysfunctional Rotout, Parallax Withering, Broken Flesh, Prophecy, Xantravor, Essence of Immortality, Foxhound, Propitious Vegetation, Double-Barrell Vasectomy, Charlie-Hickman Band, Weathertalk

Current members:

Zachary Plunkett
Jacob Mathes

Former members:

Matthew Plunkett

Cadaverous Contingency is a brutal death metal project formed out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the United States. The band originated in 2015 between Zachary and Matt Plunkett, another side-project of theirs alongside Abated Mass of Flesh, Parallax Withering, and Cryptic Rising.

History Edit

Cadaverous Contingency originated in 2015 out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The band was created by brothers Zachary and Matthew Plunkett, who had previously created several other bands, including Abated Mass of Flesh, Essence of Immortality, Cryptic Rising, Willow Mount, and Dysfunctional Rotout.

When the project was created, the band recorded a demo and an album in 2015, releasing Demo 2015 and World Hate. Both of which featured the lineup of the brothers and were released by SkyBurnsBlack Records.[1] The latter of the two received good reviews.[2][3] Following their releases, Matt departed in 2018. Jacob Mathes, former Vocalist and Bassist of Broken Flesh, would take over the position. The band would then record another demo and a sophomore album, Abolition.[4]

Members Edit


  • Jacob Mathes - Vocals (2018-present)
  • Zachary Plunkett - Guitars, Drums (2015-present)


  • Matthew Plunkett - Vocals (2015-2018)

Discography Edit


  • Demo 2015 (2015)
  • Demo 2018 (2018)

Studio albums

  • World Hate (2015)
  • Abolition (2018)


  • "Molesting Hands" (2018)

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