Born Blind
Born Blind

San Diego, California, United States


Hardcore punk, Metalcore

Years active:

1997-2002, 2016

Associated Acts:

No Innocent Victim, Gut Punch

Former members:

Judd Morgan
Nate Jarrell
Chris Beckett
Kurt Love

Born Blind was a hardcore punk and metalcore band that originated out of San Diego, California in the United States. The band originated in 1998 with the lineup of Vocalist Judd Morgan, Guitarist Nate Jarrell, Bassist Chris Beckett, and Drummer Kurt Love.

History Edit

Born Blind began in 1997, with Judd Morgan and Nate Jarrell, discussing starting a new hardcore band, asking Kurt Love and Chris Beckett to join the band.[1] Love initially turned them down twice but after prayer and consideration, he joined the band.[1] Beckett was reluctant to join as well, only doing so after learning Love was officially in the lineup.[1] All of the band members had previously been a part of No Innocent Victim.[1][2] With Morgan on Vocals and Bass, Jarrell on Guitars, Beckett on Guitars, and Love on Drums, the band would begin writing material.

The four, together, would record a demo, titled hardcore4christ, which was released independently in 1997.[3] Soon after the release of the demo, Beckett would try out for Bass, which left Morgan solely on Vocals.[1] The band would sign with Facedown Records, releasing their debut album, Pressing On, which would be released in 1998.[4] Following the album's release, the band would go on to sign with Solid State Records.[5] After signing with the label, the band would go to release their sophomore album, One For All, in 2000.[5] In 2002, Beckett became a classical mandolin player and moved to Germany. Not wanting to continue without him, as he had been an essential part of the band, the band broke up.[6][7][8]

In 2016, Beckett returned for a brief time in California. When he returned, he went to his former bandmates, with interest to perform again.[6] The members agreed, eventually performing a reunion show on November 26, 2016.[7][9] After the show, however, Beckett returned to Germany, and the remaining members, with a renewed drive to perform again, formed Gut Punch.[6][8][10][11]

Members Edit

Last Known Lineup

  • Judd Morgan - Vocals (1997-2002, 2016), Bass (1998)
  • Nate Jarrell - Guitars (1997-2002, 2016)
  • Chris Beckett - Bass (1997-2002, 2016), Guitars (1998)
  • Kurt Love - Drums (1997-2002, 2016)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Pressing On (1998)
  • One For All (2000)


  • hardcore4christ (1997)

References Edit

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