Blood Thirsty
Derek Corzine

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States


Death metal, Brutal death metal, Symphonic death metal

Years active:


Associated Acts:

Cosÿns, Syringe, Whisper from Heaven, Aletheian, Bloodline Severed, Vials of Wrath, Quester, Solarian, Ancient Remains

Current members:

Derek Corzine

Blood Thirsty is a symphonic brutal death metal project that originated out of Huntersville, North Carolina in the United States. The band was formed by Derek Corzine, formerly of the band Bloodline Severed and Aletheian.[1] The band has released a studio album, an EP, and a single.

History Edit

Blood Thirsty formed in 2013, created by Derek Corzine, formerly of Bloodline Severed.[2] The project released their debut album, Sanguine River Absolution, in 2014, independently. Shortly thereafter, a cover of a Christmas song, titled "O Come Emmanuel (The One Foretold)".[3][4] The single would be featured on Prophecy Foretold: A Brutal Christmas Compilation, alongside Vials of Wrath, Forfeit Thee Untrue, and Terraphobia.[5]

Following the release of the single, the band debuted an EP, titled Woe to the City of Blood, which was released independently, much like the prior releases.[6] The band had planned to release an album by the end of 2017, but this did not occur.[7]

Members Edit

  • Derek Corzine - Everything (2013-present)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Sanguine River Absolution (2014)


  • Woe to the City of Blood (2015)


  • "O Come Emmanuel (The One Foretold)" (2014)

Compilation appearances

  • Christian Brutal Death Metal Volume 1 (2015)
  • Hymns of the Blackest Light Volume 1 (2017)
  • Metal From The Dragon (Vol. 1) (2017)

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