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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa


Black metal, Raw black metal

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Associated Acts:

Ithiel, Begotten Plagues, Timōrātus, Be Not Betrayed, Corinthia, Unbegotten, Raszagol, Symphony of Heaven

Current members:

Jethro de Beer

Bismoth is a one-man raw black metal project, going by the self-proclaimed genre of Raw Ecclesiastical HighVeld Black Metal, based out of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, based on the continent of Africa. The project was formed by Jethro de Beer, who has also performed with Begotten Plagues, Ithiel, Timōrātus, Be Not Betrayed, and Unbegotten.


Bismoth began in 2012, formed by Jethro de Beer out of Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa. That same year, a two-track demo was released, one track being "GOD Forgives",[1] before the project went on a hiatus of sorts. In 2018, de Beer picked the project up again and released an EP titled The Road, which was released independently.[2]

Following the EP's release, the project recorded and released Psalmic Peace, their debut album.[3] The album received good reviews, with The Metal Resource writing "When birdsong shares guitar melody, I usually become weary. Often, my sense is that a sample was gleaned from a library and used as a filler but here, on “Perfect Peace”, its inclusion makes sense. What would be neat is if the ambiance were local (as in South African), but only the composer could reveal that. Too soon the seven songs on this debut release are over. It is an album that I will return to for its mood and intensity, and for its passionate interpretation of Psalms.", giving the album a 9 out of 10 rating.[4] The album was also an honorable mention in The Bearded Dragon's Metal blog, alongside Taking the Head of Goliath, Cruentis, Enoch, and Fit for a King.[5]

Around a year later, it was announced that the project would be recording a split EP with Symphony of Heaven and Timōrātus, titled Body of Christ. The EP featured the theme of unity and family, which led to the bands all asking their friends to provide vocals for the songs. Bismoth asked his wife Rebekah, and friends Sam Morifi, Peter Ball (Those Who Endure, ex-Revulsed), and Benjamin Dohrmann (Unbegotten) to contribute to one of the band's two tracks. The EP received stellar reviews. Metal Tavern Radio Podcast gave the album a 9 out of 10 review, stating "The collaboration is done really well here and for those who can think outside the box when it comes to Christian metal you will leave the record very pleased".[6] Pure Grain Audio reviewed the album, stating "Overall, the Body Of Christ three-way split is a solid offering and one that folks who like their metal loud, angry and at times blackened should check out."[7] Metal Soliqouy and The Metal Resource reviewed the album as well, giving decent reviews.[8][9]



  • Jethro T. "Flack" de Beer - Everything (2012-present)


  • Rebekah de Beer - Vocals (2019)
  • Sam Morifi - Vocals (2019)
  • Peter Ball - Vocals (2019)
  • Benjamin Dohrmann - Vocals (2019)


Studio albums

  • Psalmic Peace (2018)


  • Demo (2012)


  • The Road (2018)



  • "Waters to Dust" (2018)


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