Altera Enigma
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jakarta, Indonesia, Africa
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Progressive metal, Death metal, Avant-garde, Jazz fusion

Years active:

2004-present (hiatus)

Associated Acts:

Paramaecium, Kekal, Mortification, Soundscape, Revulsed, Horde, InExordium, Lightforce, Deliverance, Teramaze, Fearscape, Beheadoth, Armageddon Holocaust, Doctor D, Excision, Ninth Sphere, Generator, Where Shadows Lie

Current members:

Jayson Sherlock
Jason De Ron
Kenny Cheong

Former members:

Jeff Arwadi

Altera Enigma are a progressive metal and jazz fusion project that originated as a supergroup from around the world, primarily Indonesia, Australia, and Canada.[1] The project is a supergroup consisting of Jayson Sherlock of Mortification and Horde, Jason De Ron of Paramaecium, Jeff Arway of Kekal and Armageddon Holocaust, and Kenny Cheong of Kekal and Soundscape.[1]

History Edit

Altera Enigma formed as an outlet to work together on music to push boundaries musically in 2004.[1] Despite both of their reputations as metal musicians, both are fans of jazz and progressive music in all forms. The project was hoping to break boundaries with their music.[2] In 2005, Kenny Cheong joined the band as a Bassist.[3]

In 2006, the band debuted a single, titled "Perpetual Motion", which was released independently, followed shortly thereafter by their debut album, Alteration.[4] After the album's release, the band added Jayson Sherlock into the band.[5] Following his introduction, the band was set to release a follow-up album.[5] In 2010, Arway took a step back from the band, similarly to Kekal, and his involvement is minimal.[6]

As of May 2011, the band announced everything, save for drums, was recorded for their upcoming sophomore album.[7]

Members Edit


  • Jason De Ron - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2004-present)
  • Kenny Cheong - Bass (2005-present)
  • Jayson Sherlock - Drums (2007-present)


  • Jeff Arway - Guitars, Vocals (2004-2010)

Discography Edit

Studio albums

  • Alteration (2006)


  • "Perpetual Motion" (2006)

References Edit

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